How much are you spending this Valentine's Day?

How much are you spending this Valentine's Day?


Love it or hate it, Valentine's Day is everywhere in February. But what's your Valentine's style - are you more likely to splurge on that special someone, or say bah humbug to it all? Take a look at how much people in the UK are planning to spend this Valentine's Day.



Men vs Women

London couple

Men vs Women

Men plan to spend an average of £44.24 on Valentine’s Day, while women will spend £26.24. Guys are almost 3 times as likely to spend some serious cash, with 9% planning to spend more than £100 (while just 4% of women were going to spend that much).

How far will £44 really get you? Over 4 and a half hours in a Roundtrip car, that's how far! 

Which city spends the most?

Couple in London

Which city spends the most?

London is the most romantic city in the UK… or at least the one that spends the most! People in the capital are planning to spend £52 on average this Valentine’s Day, but people in the South West are planning to only spend about £28, and 22% of people from there are planning to spend nothing at all.

Thinking of spending £52? Try something different to flowers - get out and about in a Flex car for well over 4 hours instead! 

Which generation spends the most?


Which generation spends the most?

Millennials are likely to be the UK’s highest spending generation on Friday 14th, at around £42 on average. Gen X follow with £38, Baby Boomers spend around £30 and Gen Z are likely to spend £27. 

£42 will get you 3 hours in a Zipcar Flex e-Golf, the perfect excuse to go greener as well as go out and about with that special someone. 

How much do you spend?


For more information on how much driving a Zipcar costs, take a look at the ‘See more detailed pricing’ section on our pricing page. Did you know driving a Zipcar can also save you up to 50% compared to owning your own car? Here’s how.  The source for the Valentine’s Day spending stats is

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