Zipcar ford Focus

Meet the Ford Focus

Book and drive the Ford Focus by the hour or day. Whether you’re taking a cheeky weekend getaway or just popping to the shops, the spacious Ford Focus makes any Ziptrip comfy and relaxing. Prices start from £9/hour and £84/day.
Zipcar ford Focus

Helpful tips when renting the Ford Focus

How do I release the boot?

Ensure that the doors are unlocked. Push up on the button underneath the Ford emblem and lift up.

How do I release the fuel door?

Ensure that the doors are unlocked. Push in on the left hand side of the fuel door (look for the indent in the metal). The door will spring open.

How do I start the vehicle?

Fully depress the clutch and push the start-stop button on the left side of the steering wheel.

How do I engage/disengage the hand brake?

Standard manual parking brake fitted - to engage: Fully pull the parking brake while depressing the brake pedal. To release: Slightly raise the lever and lower it completely while pressing the button.

How do I disengage the steering wheel lock?

The proximity key needs to be sensed by the car, and it will release the steering wheel lock automatically.

How do I put vehicle into drive, reverse, and park?

The vehicle has manual transmission, push left and forward.

How do I adjust the wing mirrors?

From the driver's door armrest, select the relevant exterior mirror and adjust up, down, left or right using the directional adjuster.

How do I use headlights/turn signals?

To operate the headlights turn the adjustor wheel on the right side on the dashboard. To engage the right indicator - raise the left indicator stalk up. To engage the left indicator - push the left indicator stalk down.

How do I use the windshield wipers?

Front Wipers: Right stalk up, Back Wipers: Rocking switch on the tip of the right stalk

Our Community Rules

Before you hit the road, read our community rules of car-sharing.

return on time

Return it right

Return a Roundtrip on time, or you can extend your booking. Drop a Flex in our Zipzone.

Belongings and rubbish

Keep it clean

Clean up, don’t smoke and take everything with you. Don’t forget to recycle your rubbish!

Full fuel gauge

Fill ‘er up

If fuel is below ¼ tank at the end of your trip, fill up before you return to it’s bay. Fuel's on us!