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Meet the VW Golf GTE

Book and drive the VW Golf GTE by the hour or day.
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Our Plug-in Electric Hybrid

Zipcar VW Golf GTE

Our Plug-in Electric Hybrid

The VW Golf’s plug-in electric hybrid brother gives you the best of both worlds. Take shorter trips using the electric motor and longer trips using the hybrid petrol engine. The Golf GTE is also packed full of features from Park Assist to Apple’s CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ to make your journey as comfortable as possible.

All of the GTEs in our fleet are automatic, so you won't need to worry about changing gears and they are only available for round trip journeys. Which means you have to take it back to the same bay you pickied it up from. 

GTE Charging

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GTE Charging

Plugging and unplugging the cable - You will find a fob attached to your Zipcar keyring, this can be used to lock and unlock the charging station at your Zipcar’s home.

  1. Take the charging cable from the boot of the Zipcar and plug it into the socket in the car. This can be found under the VW logo on the bonnet, just push in the logo to open.
  2. To unlock the charging station, hold the fob over the yellow card reader and wait for the click - you may need to wait a few seconds.
  3. Then plug the cable into the charging station.
  4. Make sure you have locked the car before you leave your Zipcar.
  5. To unplug, simply unlock the charging station in the same way and store the cable in the boot.

Helpful Tips for the Golf GTE

We know that all cars are different and that might put you off driving sometimes, so we've done our best to address any of those concerns for a better driving experience. 

Volkswagen golf gte dashboard

How do I release the boot? To release the boot, flip the VW badge

How to start the vehicle?  It's an automatic transmission, so the vehicle must be in P and foot on brake in order to start. The vehicle will be silent when started with Green “ready” on dash.

How to disengage the steerring wheel lock? Depress the clutch and wiggle the steering wheel whilst turning the key.

How to put the car into drive, reverse and park? When in 'D' pull back once to go into 'B' and again to return to 'D' flappy paddles can be used to move up and down through gears. Right is + and left is -

How to adjust the wing mirrors? The mirrors are adjusted using a joystick positioned above the window switches in the driver's door. The joystick can be twisted to adjust the left and right mirrors, then simply pushed to move the mirror in the corresponding direction. 

How to use the headlights and turn signals? To operate the headlights, use the round switch to the left of the steering wheel. 0 is for off, AUTO is for automatic headlight control. When an image of a side light illuminates, it indicatees that the side lights are switched on (they work with the ignition on or off). When an image of a headlight is illuminated, it indicates that the headlights are switched on. All the settings will switch off when the ignition is off apart from the sidelights. The indicator signal switch is to the left of the steering wheel. Push the switch down to indicate left and up to indicate right.

Where is the fuel card? Open the driver side door and look to the side of the dashboard, there you will find the fuel card in a white sleeve. Look towards the door hinges / door jamb.

How to use the windscreen wipers? To operate the windscreen wipers, use the lever to the right of the steering wheel. Push the lever up to engage the wipers and further up for faster speeds.

How to release the bonnet? The bonnet is released by pulling forward the vertical lever located on the right-hand side of the driver's foot well. Once released, the bonnet is opened by sliding 2-3 fingers under the front edge and lifting this lever (the black part), situated in the center of the bonnet above the VW badge

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