business owner hanging an open sign at a cafe
business owner hanging an open sign at a cafe

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With us now living in a ‘new normal’ it’s time to get your business back on track. Take a sneak peek into what Zipcar for Businesses practical guide to reopening has to offer. 




Look at how your business works

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Look at how your business works

In many cases, especially if you’re in retail or hospitality, it won’t be possible to simply pick up where you left off. 

As you prepare to move forward, it’s essential that you clearly communicate your plans and offer support to staff to ensure they are safe, healthy and able to return to work. Read in more detail about the ways your business might change.

Become a better manager

managing from home

Become a better manager

Every change you make to your business will affect your employees, from adapting to social distancing guidelines to changing working locations, shifts or modes of transport. Therefore, the way you manage your employees will need to change, too, to ensure they’re informed and happy as well as safe.

All of these changes might create extra stress for staff who are already struggling with uncertainty in other areas of their lives, which means supporting their mental health and learning how to better manage your team post-lockdown is more important than ever.

Getting to work post-lockdown

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Getting to work post-lockdown

Staff may have been working effectively from home during lockdown, but if you plan to reopen your offices or hold weekly or fortnightly face-to-face meetings, you’ll need to think about how to support their commute.

Read our alternatives to public transport article to help you gauge whether encouraging walking, cycling, or taking advantage of the rapidly growing car-sharing economy will work best for you.

Get your business online

online business

Get your business online

One of the positives from the lockdown has been consumers turning to online purchasing to fulfil their everyday needs. The UK’s e-commerce revenue is predicted to rise by in excess of £5 billion over just a few months, there’s never been a better time to make use of the platforms available.

Take a closer look at these online sales platforms, including social media channels, to decide what’s best for your business and your customers.

Redefining Hospitality


Redefining Hospitality

While there was much excitement about reopening of hospitality businesses, there will remain for quite some time uncertainty from owners and customers and its clear that many will wait and see before taking the risk of visiting their local pubs or coffee shops again.

From registering with third-party delivery apps such as Deliveroo and UberEats to considering how you use your space indoors and outdoors, there are a number of key things to look at when restructuring your hospitality business post-lockdown.

Expanding your construction business

construction business

Expanding your construction business

As small operators often working in or on people’s homes social distancing and customer reassurance are key priorities.

With most work coming to a halt during lockdown, there is an opportunity to expand your offering by providing a high quality and reassuringly safe service to clients, especially after they have been at home for three months staring at the cracks in the ceiling.

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