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Zipcar Flex Refuelling Pilot

For a limited time only, choose a Flex car with less than 25% fuel at the beginning of your trip and end your trip with over 90% in fuel in the tank. In exchange we will reward you with 20 minutes free driving for your next trip! 



How does it work?

Search map

Search and drive

Find a Flex Polo with less than a quarter of a tank (you'll spot this in the app).

Fuel tank

Fill 'er up!

Fill up the tank at your nearest station - don't forget to use the fuel card on the side of the glove box!

Time clock image

Get 20 mins credit

Just leave the car with a tank at least 90% full in the Zipzone, credit is automatically applied to your account 3-5 days later, easy!

Terms and Conditions

Man and Zipcar

Terms and Conditions

Promotion applies to Flex vehicles only. In order to receive credit offer promotion, member must begin their trip in a car with a fuel gage that is below 25% (i.e. 24% or less) and end their trip with a fuel gage of 90% or above. The fuel gage is measured by Zipcar using the vehicles on board device and Zipcar’s data is determinative in the event of any dispute. Credit value is for £5.80, which will be automatically applied to the members account within 3-5 working days. Credit is valid for use within 30 days from point of addition to the member’s account only. Offer ends at midnight at 11:59pm on 31.12.19. Vehicles returned after the promotion period has ended will not be eligible for the credit. Zipcar reserves the right withdraw or amend the promotion at any time.