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Day 8: Jack's Turkey Tips

Jack is Zipcar's Digital Marketing guru but he's also our team's best chef, so we asked him to share some of the tips and tricks he's learned while perfecting his Christmas roast. Here they are, tried and tested!

Brine your bird

Queen of Christmas indulgence Nigella Lawson says "For me the only turkey is a brined one. Not only does it tenderize and add subtle spiciness, but it makes carving the turkey incredibly much easier." ...And we agree. The first time I had a brined bird, it changed my view of the world and ensured a flavorful, juicy bird.

You can wet or dry brine, we prefer a dry brine. Here's some turkey inspo from Bon Appetit.


Prepare a flavoured butter

Any experienced festive chef will tell you adding butter to your bird underneath and on top of the turkey skin will help to crisp up the skin and keep the bird moist. Take a bit of time this year and prepare your own flavoured butter ahead of time, all you need is room temp butter and a pinch of Christmas spirit (sage, clemetines, garlic)...

Consider meat free alternatives

We know meat is not for everybody, so here's a few great meat free alternatives to have on top of all the tasty veggies.

Mushroom Wellington
Vegan Beat Wellington


Whoever does the cooking is normally whizzing around the kitchen juggling plates, but the beauty of a turkey is that it needs resting before you can start carving. We recommend at least an hour before carving, that way you get time to sort out the other bits and most importantly prep your gravy!

If that isn't enough for you, here's some turkey tips that tickled us...