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Meet the Hyundai i-30

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Presenting the Hyundai i30

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Presenting the Hyundai i30

Pack up the Hyundai i30 for a trip away and enjoy this spacious, comfortable hatchback. Perfect for exploring or simply loading up with a big shop. 

Helpful tips for renting the Hyundai i30

How do I release the boot? With the vehicle unlocked press the soft release button located underneath the tail gate handle which should be clearly visible just below the Hyundai logo.

How do I release the fuel door? With the vehicle unlocked push fuel door and it will spring open, unscrew the fuel cap.

How to start the vehicle?  For automatic transmission, depress the brake pedal and turn the ignition on.

How to put the car into drive, reverse and park? Depress the brake pedal and the lock release button when shifting.

How to adjust the wing mirrors? These are electric, use the switch located on the driver’s door and ensure that the correct mirror is being adjusted by flicking the toggle switch left or right before adjusting with the directional pad.

How to use the headlights and turn signals? The light switch has a headlight and a parking light position. To operate the lights, turn the knob at the end of the control lever to one of the following positions: 1) OFF 2) Parking light position 3) Headlight position 4) Auto light position

Where is the fuel card? Open the driver side door and look to the side of the dashboard, there you will find the fuel card in a white sleeve. Look towards the door hinges / door jamb.

How to use the windscreen wipers? To operate the windscreen wipers, use the lever to the right of the steering wheel. Push the lever up to engage the wipers and further up for faster speeds.

How to release the bonnet? In the driver side foot well pull the release lever to unlatch the bonnet. It will then pop open slightly. Go to the front of the vehicle, raise the bonnet slightly, push the secondary latch inside of the bonnet centre and lift the bonnet. Pull out and use the support rod to hold the bonnet.

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