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Madrid, 23rd September 2015 – Avancar, a subsidiary of Zipcar, and the world’s largest car sharing network is calling for Spanish businesses, based in Madrid and Barcelona, to review the way they manage their transport solutions. As European Mobility Week draws to a close, Avancar asks Spain’s businesses to consider car sharing as a cost effective and convenient solution to managing their transport needs, whilst supporting the cities in which they operate by using a more sustainable mode of transport.

As a study by Frost&Sullivan[1] shows, companies are starting to see the value of these services. The study also concludes that within five years the number of companies committed to this model will be 20 times greater.

According to the 2015 Portrait of SMEs[2], SMEs and the self-employed account for 99.88% of all the companies in Spain and account for two of every three jobs in the private sector, making them the economic base of the country. Some of the biggest expenses these companies face are those produced by mobility issues. Reducing the number of trips is not enough to save money; simply having their own vehicles, or under a lease, is a huge cost. For this reason companies increasingly opt for services such as car sharing, with which they can save up to 30% on costs and, according to Frost&Sullivan[3], reducing their fleet from 12 to 15 vehicles.

Ignasi Fábregas, Avancar Market Manager, says: “The car sharing model for businesses is designed for professionals who have to travel for work and only want to pay for a car or a van when they need to. Car sharing reduces fixed costs of enterprises, offers a more flexible model of mobility and fosters sustainability in cities. Without a doubt, it’s a model of intelligent mobility that allows SMEs and self-employed professionals access to rational and cost-effective transport.”

XXXXXXXXXX, XXXXXXXX from the Agencia Catalana de Residuos, adds that “Thanks to the Avancar pay-per-use service we achieved a more flexible model of mobility, reducing our fleet costs by up to 40%. In addition, Avancar has tripled the number of vehicles available for car sharing in the area, making it easier to access a car tailored to our needs when we need it.”

Avancar for businesses is specially designed for business activity and for professionals to be able to attend meetings outside of their immediate vicinity or to transport bulky goods. It also includes flexible plans for employees who sign up as private individuals. It offers reduced rates for driving on weekdays.

Avancar’s fleet offers hybrid vehicles such as the Peugeot 3008 or the Toyota Yaris as part of its ongoing commitment to the environment. The company also offers utility vehicles such as the Seat Ibiza, premium cars such as the BMW 1 Series and vans. In addition, those members travelling abroad will have access to the Zipcar network in the US, Canada, UK, France, Austria and Turkey.

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Zipcar, la compañía líder mundial de carsharing y que opera en España con la marca Avancar, tiene operaciones en zonas urbanas y universidades de Austria, Canadá, Francia, España, Turquía, Reino Unido y Estados Unidos. Zipcar ofrece más de 50 marcas y modelos de vehículos de autoservicio por horas o días a particulares y empresas que buscan soluciones inteligentes, simples y convenientes para sus desplazamientos en ciudades y campus universitarios. Zipcar es una subsidiaria de Avis Budget Group, Inc. (Nasdaq: CAR), un proveedor global líder en servicios de alquiler de vehículos. Más información disponible en

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