Huntsville City Government Employees

drive zipcars by the hour or day

Hop aboard! Huntsville City Government Employees has partnered with Zipcar to offer their employees two sweet deals.

On the Clock Plan (Weekday Access):

  • Your membership is free
  • Enjoy access to most Zipcars Monday - Friday* 
  • Standard hourly rates

Off the Clock Plan (7 day Access):

  • No application fee (a $25 savings)
  • 10-20% off Monday-Friday rates

Once you join, you'll get 24/7 access to Zipcars parked right nearby. Use the Zipcar app as a one-stop shop to joining, reserving, and driving all kinds of cars—anytime. Members have access to thousands of Zipcars in dozens of cities, plus airports, too. No matter where or when you drive, gas and insurance are always included in the low hourly and daily rates.

To join, click the "join now" link and select the plan you wish to use. Once a member, just reserve online, scan in with your Zipcard and drive. With both plans, you pay one, all-inclusive hourly or daily rate. That means gas, insurance and the first 180 miles are on us. Whether you're in your own neighborhood or traveling, you'll have wheels when you want them.

*excludes specialty vehicles

join now

The new company car

Sign up today to save on your weekday driving.

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Already a Zipster?

Click here and sign into your Zipcar account. Then select the plan you want to upgrade to.

  • sign in, then click 'My Stuff' > 'My Account'
  • click 'join another account', then 'join an organization'
  • search for 'Downtown Huntsville, Inc'
  • complete application and submit

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Want more information?

Check out these helpful videos and FAQs about how Zipcar works.