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Join Zipcar to get 24/7 access to a variety of cars in cities and at airports all around the globe, by the hour or day, gas and insurance included. 

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Zipcar join offer valid only for first time, approved members . Not valid with any other offers. Applicants must apply through and enter their TrueBlue number at time of application to receive TrueBlue points; TrueBlue number may not be added retroactively to any new Zipcar membership. Once approved, TrueBlue members will receive 500 TrueBlue points and Mosaic members will receive 1,000 TrueBlue points. All points will be posted to member accounts within 8 weeks of redemption. Zipcar coupons for driving credit have no cash value. Driving credit coupons are redeemed only when you apply to be a member and are good for the face value amount of "driving credit." Coupons are valid for 30 days from membership application and expire automatically. Zipcar’s standard annual rate of $70 plus one-time application fee of $25 applies. All other Zipcar terms and conditions apply.

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Reserve by the hour or day. Unlock over 10,000 Zipcars in cities and airports.

All kinds of wheels.

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These are all included.

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*These rates do not include certain premium or hourly-only vehicles; regular weekend rates apply.

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