MASCO Zipcar Partnership

MASCO members and LMA employees save with Zipcar

Why Zipcar?

Reserve wheels when you want them, by the hour or day, and only pay for the time you drive.

Drive the Zipcar way


Drive the Zipcar way

Zipcar is the world's leading car sharing service with a mission to enable simple and responsible urban living. All ziptrips include gas, secondary insurance, 180 mi, and access to 1,000 vehicles throughout Boston to get you going.

We have teamed up with CommuteWorks to offer a sweet deal to MASCO members and LMA employees. Sign up for a Zipcar annual plan and pay only $35 for your first year (that's a $60 savings). Please register with your MASCO employer email address.

If you need any assistant please contact [email protected] with any questions. 

How Zipcar works

How do I join Zipcar?

Apply online. Once approved, get your Zipcard by mail in 3-7 days. That’s your key to access cars in our network. Once you activate your Zipcard, you can begin booking Zipcars.


How much does Zipcar cost?

Zipcar membership costs $7 a month or $70 a year. Reserve cars by the hour or by the day. Gas, insurance, and 180 miles per day are all included in membership. Price it out.

How soon can I drive with Zipcar?

First, sign up for membership. Once approved, get your Zipcard by mail in 3-7 days. Activate your Zipcard, and then you can book reservations.


Are there Zipcars near me?

Zipcars live in more than 500 cities and towns globally. Type your address in the search bar below to find Zipcars near you.

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Find Zipcars near you

Use the map to find Zipcar locations near you. Change location.