Zipcar announced today that it has expanded to 100 more universities and colleges over the past year, bringing the company’s total campus footprint to more than 600 throughout North America. This growth stems from an increase in the number of campuses interested in offering a car-free or car-light lifestyle to the student population.

Zipcar’s early success on college campuses was attributed, in part, to millennials preferring access over ownership, coupled with the company’s approach to marketing that engaged millennials in fun and interesting ways via social media and digital advertising. Drive forward 17 years and an entirely new generation of students has taken over college campuses: Gen Z. The rise of these highly connected, brand skeptics has led to a shift in Zipcar’s campus marketing strategy to an “In real life” (IRL) approach that builds trust and grabs attention in the offline world.

Zipcar’s IRL tactics include human-powered advertising (turning backpacks into digital billboards), emoji cars that take the popular digital icons offline, and “stop and stare” activations that offer hands-on experiences with the brand. We look forward to reaching this new generation while continuing to provide a sustainable, affordable, and convenient transportation option

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