Zipcar and the Brooklyn Public Library (BPL) today announced the expansion of their partnership to offer car sharing at 10 of BPL’s 59 branches. The public-private partnership is BPL’s latest effort to meet the changing needs of its local communities by enabling greater access to technology.

BPL has long been recognized as a leader in offering innovative programs and services, including virtual story times, photography bootcamps, podcasting workshops, web development, coding and robotics classes and now Zipcar’s car-sharing service.

BPL and Zipcar first launched their partnership in 2014 in an effort to expand the library’s service offerings and increase access to transportation throughout the Brooklyn community. The partnership started with six cars at three library branches with the parking cost of those parking spaces going to support local library programs and classes. Since then, demand for Zipcar has continued to grow as more and more library visitors look to car sharing as a convenient and cost-effective way to get around.

Visit for a complete list of Zipcar’s BPL locations. 


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