With millions of drivers hitting the roads this holiday season, Zipcar conducted a national survey to determine how Americans will pass the time in traffic.

From gossiping about friends and family to getting it on, the survey revealed some interesting and unexpected things people plan to do in their cars.

  • Alaska, a state known for its ice-old climate, will pull over and turn up the heat (naturally).
  • South Carolina passengers will Google ways to burn off that southern cooking. (You know, ‘cause January is gonna be ‘Gym-uary’).
  • Californians will pick the perfect Instagram filter for their holiday meal. (Only if they’re in the passenger’s seat of course).
  • Massachusetts, home of Dunkin’ Donuts, will share a good old cup of joe.
  • Texans will gossip about friends and family. (We thought New York’s chatty Cathy’s would take the cake on this one but the results show they’re listening to podcasts instead).

State-by-state map available for download here.


Methodology: November 2017 Google survey of more than 10,000 Americans (both Zipcar members and non-members) with a minimum sample of 200 respondents per state.


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