Zipcar and 14 other leading transportation and technology companies signed the Shared Mobility Principles for Livable Cities today, pledging to follow ten key principles that will help make cities better places to live through smart transportation practices.

As cities become increasingly congested and polluted, it’s more important than ever to establish a clear vision for the future among city governments, private companies and NGOs.

"At Zipcar, we are driven by a mission—to enable simple and responsible urban living—and we believe that by joining together with this coalition, we can better realize our common goal of shared, autonomous, sustainable and equitable mobility for all," said Justin Holmes, director of corporate communications and public policy, Zipcar.

The 15 companies that signed the principles have a massive impact on how people live, work and play in cities across the world. Together, we account for 77 million passenger trips per day and inform the travel decisions of 10 million people each day.

Other companies that signed the pledge include: BlaBlaCar, Citymapper, Didi, Keolis, LimeBike, Lyft, Mobike, Motivate, Ofo, Ola, Scoot Networks, Transit, Uber and Via.

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