Zipcar, a brand dedicated to making cities better places to live, is reimaging how New York City’s streets could be used if there were fewer parking spots. Today, on Park(ing) Day, Zipcar is unveiling an installation in the Bronx that consists of two parking spaces transformed into temporary public parks where New Yorkers can relax, unwind and get an inside look at a world with fewer cars.

Zipcar has been reducing car ownership numbers for 18 years and fewer cars on the road means fewer parking spaces and more room for nature.

Studies show that each Zipcar takes up to 13 personally owned vehicles off the road, which equates to 1,248 sq ft of space. In New York alone, that’s nearly 250,000 sq ft, or 280 “average-sized” NYC apartments.

Join us in living a car-free or car-lite lifestyle.

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