Zipcar is pleased to announce its signature on Mayor Walsh’s 100% Talent Compact, a first-in-the-nation, business community-driven effort to level the playing field for working women. By signing the 100% Talent Compact, we have joined forces with the Boston Women’s Workforce Council, a public-private partnership between the City of Boston and Boston University, and nearly 200 other Boston-area employers to close the gender wage gap. The Council works with the businesses in the Greater Boston area in an effort to eliminate the gender wage gap, remove the visible and invisible barriers to women’s advancement, and ensure that 100% of the talent pool is used to make Boston the best area in the country for working women. We recognize that this pay discrepancy poses consequences on the company’s talent pool and that when women thrive, companies and communities thrive. As a Boston-based company, we have responsibility to do what is best for our city and signing Mayor Walsh’s 100% Talent Compact is the just the next step in our commitment to help make Boston a better place to work and live.

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