Today, Zipcar is offering engineers a closer look at its car-sharing technology at Boston TechJam on City Hall Plaza from 4-9pm. Members of Zipcar’s engineering team will be on-site to chat about what they’re working on, and what it’s like to be behind the scenes of the world’s leading car-sharing network. From a custom in-house hardware and software design to a major city electric vehicle launch, they’ll explain how they’re constantly exploring new Zipcar technologies.

It’s their work that drives Zipcar’s services forward across 500 cities and towns worldwide — and if you live in the Boston or San Mateo areas, you might be the next member of our engineering team.

In addition to being the company that’s shaping the future of urban mobility, we’re also a great place to work. We’re proud of our inclusive, dynamic community across our offices.

Stop by TechJam today, check out a list of positions here, or get the conversation started by filling out this quick survey:


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