Inspired by the unicorn trend that’s swept social media, Zipcar is offering a limited-edition unicorn car for reservation in Boston from June 22-29. The unicorn car, appropriately named “Fabucorn Starbottom”, is a majestic pink, purple and blue vehicle, that provides an enchanted driving experience with purple LED lights, sparkly floor mats, fuzzy seat covers and sequined pillows.

“The one-of-a kind unicorn car adds to our history of brand stunts that includes adding Santa’s Sleigh to our fleet, creating a special Pokémon car for catching virtual creatures and even a candy car covered entirely with sugary treats,” said Kate Pope Smith, Zipcar’s director of integrated marketing. “Zipcar is a fun brand that’s rooted in providing over-the-top experiences for our members and the unicorn car is no exception.”

The limited-edition unicorn car is open for reservations by Zipcar members from Thursday, June 22 at noon – Thursday, June 29 at 3pm for a lucky rate of $7 per hour (daily unicorn rates not available). The vehicle is located in front of the company’s headquarters in Boston (35 Thomson Place Boston, MA 02210).


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