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Welcome to Zipcar

The Rivian Service Team has partnered with Zipcar to give you access to cars while your Rivian vehicle is being serviced.

How does Zipcar for Rivian work?

Rivian join

Join in minutes

Apply online with a valid driver’s license. Most people are approved instantly and can book a trip within minutes.


Drive on demand

Rivian covers the cost of the trips you take with Zipcar under Rivian's account. That account can only be used if indicated by the Rivian Service Team. The Rivian Service Team will provide instructions about what vehicle to book and the specific time and day. 


Pick up and return

Rivian will bring the Zipcar to you or you can pick it up at a Rivian service center. Those details will be arranged with your Rivian service advisor. When you are done, park the car where agreed with your Rivian service advisor.

Always included in your membership:

rivian car

Always included in your membership:

  • Gas
  • Secondary insurance
  • Damage protection for all trips
  • 24-hour roadside assistance

How to sign up for Zipcar with Rivian:


You’ll receive an email invitation from Zipcar to join Rivian’s account as a driver.


From the email invitation, create your account: Enter your first and last name, email and mobile phone number, and create a password.


Take a photo of yourself and your driver’s license to verify your identity and driving record. Most members are approved to drive within minutes.*


Once you’re approved, go to zipcar.com or download Zipcar’s iPhone® or Android™ app that will allow you to make reservations. You can use the app to unlock the car, but we’ll send you a Zipcard to keep with you just in case.

*  In some cases, it may take up to several days if we need to review your application, and we may need to request additional  documentation.

Booking your trip with Zipcar


Booking your trip with Zipcar

  1. Trips can be made for as little as one hour or for as long as 14 days. You can book using your mobile app or on zipcar.com. 
  2. After signing in, you’ll see the Zipcars available under the Rivian account displayed as $0 to book.*
  3. Choose a car indicated by the Rivian Service Team and confirm trip details.
  4. If you need to shorten, extend or cancel your trip, you can do so through either the mobile app or on the Trips page on the web.


*    Your membership on Rivian’s account means that Rivian only covers the cost of all trips you take with Zipcars associated with Rivian locations.

So please only book the vehicles under this program available to you for $0—otherwise you may be charged for the reservation and removed from Rivian’s program.

Starting your trip


Find your Zipcar

Once you reserve,  you’ll get a confirmation email with details about your Zipcar.

You can also find these same details on the mobile app in the Trip section.* 


Unlock your Zipcar

At the time of your reservation, you can use your Zipcard or the mobile app to unlock your Zipcar. 

To unlock using the app, hit the unlock button on the Drive screen.

To unlock using your Zipcard, hold your Zipcard against the card reader on the windshield for a few seconds. The scanner will turn green and the doors will unlock. 

Once you’ve scanned in, use your Zipcard or phone to lock and unlock the doors throughout your trip. Do not use the car key to lock and unlock. This key should always stay inside the car.


Inspect your Zipcar

It’s important to inspect your Zipcar at the beginning of your trip and report any issues or problems with the car in the Zipcar mobile app.

You’ll get asked to submit photos and a brief description of the problem.

* If the Zipcar is not in its assigned Rivian location, let Rivian staff know or contact us at 866-4ZIPCAR.


Before you go: Here are some helpful tips to know before your first time using Zipcar.

  • You can use your mobile app to lock and unlock your Zipcar. Once you receive your Zipcard in the mail, you can also use that as an access key to unlock the car, too.
  • The car keys will be inside the Zipcar and should stay inside it at all times.
  • The Rivian team will fill up the gas tank in the Zipcar before your use, but there is a gas card inside the visor above the driver’s seat of every Zipcar in case you need it. 
  • When your reservation is over, return your Zipcar to the agreed location with your Rivian Service Advisor on time, as another Rivian owner may be waiting for the same vehicle. Please leave at least enough gas to allow the Rivian Service team to take the car to refuel. 

Ending your trip


Return on time

Return the vehicle on day and time agreed with the Rivian Service Team.


Prep for the next member

Take all your stuff with you and make sure the gas tank isn’t empty.


Lock and confirm

Click End Trip in the app to lock up and confirm your trip has ended. You can also end by locking the doors with your Zipcard. 

An email will be sent shortly after with your final trip details.

Our community rules

When you share a Zipcar, you also share responsibility. These rules make sure every member enjoys their trip.


Clean up your stuff


Don’t leave an empty tank 


Return on time