We’ve got Santa Monica covered.

Did you know that even more Zipcars now live in Santa Monica? With over 500 cars in several dozen neighborhoods- including 30+ right here in Santa Monica- we've got all of LA covered.

Here are a few reasons to make Zipcar part of your city living:

  • Your Zipcard gives you 24/7 access to over 30 makes and models of cars, trucks, and vans by the hour or day. So whether you're looking for a minivan to take the family to the beach, or a Zipvan to haul your load from Ikea, we have vehicles for all types of occasions.
  • Santa Monica is now home to Zipcars that can go both one-wayand round trip, making your trip more flexible than ever (Pretty sweet, we know). 
  • With cars starting at $9.50 an hour, you won't have to pay an arm & a leg to head up the coast for a day.
  • A guaranteed parking spot awaits you, so you'll never have to circle the block looking of parking at the end of your reservation (Thank goodness). 
  • Gas, insurance, and 180 miles/day are always included. 


So what are you waiting for? Get out and zip today!

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Start zipping from only $7/month (after a $25 application fee).


Happy zipping!


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did you know?

It took 2 years to get the first 1,000 Zipcar members. Today it takes a few days. 
Every Zipcar in our fleet of thousands has its own unique name. 
You can fit 33,000 IKEA meatballs in a MINI (yes, we tried once). 
Zipcar's lineup includes more than 50 makes and models. 
Zipcar's 2002 fleet included 5 electric cars.