Wilmington, DE Launch

wilmington, de has got new wheels.

We zipped down to Delaware to make Wilmington our newest Zipcar city! Now you have wheels when you want them for safe transportation anytime. (Even when you’re burning the midnight oil.)

Zipcar is the global leader in car sharing. The beauty of car sharing is that it just makes sense. It's there when you need it and not when you don't. Just imagine never having to make a car payment, pay an auto insurance bill, or worry about the cost of gas again. Hallelujah. Learn more

Zipcars are now available at the following locations: 

100 N. Walnut St. (Train Station)
564 N. Market St. (On-Street)
855 N. Market St. (On-Street)
11 E. 3rd St. (On-Street)
1003 N. Orange St. (On-Street)
1005 N. Orange St. (On-Street)
530 Harlan Blvd. (On-Street)

Follow @ZipcarPhilly for monthly giveaways and updates on new vehicle locations. 

A BIG thank you to our partners for supporting us and helping to make this happen!
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Questions? Email Erin Cooper (Marketing Manager) or Kelly Taylor (Marketing Coordinator). 


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I would like to sign up for a monthly membership with Zipcar for $7.

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I would like to sign up for a yearly membership with Zipcar and receive $75 in free driving.

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City of Wilmington

I'm an employee at City of Wilmington and want to join Zipcar for $35. 

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BPG Residents

I'm a resident at BPG and want to join Zipcar at a discount. 

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University Student Discount

I'm a student in the Wilmington area and I want to join Zipcar for $25.*

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I am a student in the Philly region and I want to join Zipcar for $25.*

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Zipcar for Business Discount

Zipcar offers businesses discounted membership and driving rates.

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