get more mileage out of graduation gifts this year

That new graduate is in dire need of a survival kit. The “real world” is calling. In addition to cooking lessons and laundry detergent, they could also use the key to thousands of cars. Give ‘em a Zipcar Gift Certificate. It’s easy – just visit

The low-down: Zipcertificates start at $25 and are good for a new Zipcar membership, drive time or both. (Grocery store run? Check. Job interview? Check. Home to visit the ‘rents? Check.) The best part? Every Zipcar reservation includes gas and insurance. No matter where they’re headed next in life, there’s probably a Zipcar nearby.

ditch the debt and still have wheels

A May 2013 Zipcar survey found out some interesting details about grads and how they get around. More than 68% said they value financial stability over other choices like an on-demand lifestyle (16%), freedom (12%) and travel experiences (5%).

When asked about transportation choices, the survey found:

  • 65% of graduates do not own a car;
  • 49% of graduates do not plan to bring a car with them to their next endeavor after graduation;
  • Nearly 70% believe graduates would benefit from joining a car-sharing service;
  • Graduates’ biggest concerns about owning a car post-graduation are parking availability and cost.

Not to toot our own horn, but a Zipcar membership can help grads save on transportation costs, without piling on more loans – and gives them a head start on affordable, sustainable living.

zipcar loves graduates! zipstagram contest

Take a snapshot of yourself at your graduation (perhaps showing off that shiny new diploma) or at someone else’s and share it on Instagram. Use #zipcargrad to enter. Get creative – show us what graduation is all about on Instagram. Check out the entries we’ve gotten so far below. (Don’t forget to turn your location settings on so we can see your pic.)

What could you win?

The top 5 pics will win one of today’s hottest e-readers, and up to 20 additional winners will score a $25 gift card from American Express. The winning photos will be the most creative, artistic and display the best example of the graduation experience.

Ready for the legal mumbo jumbo? Read the complete rules here.

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