October 7, 2020
City Living
A lot of things make voting more important (and more challenging) this year. But don’t let them keep you from voting—it’s the best way to have your voice heard.
September 19, 2020
City Living

The elections coming up in November are a pretty big deal. And beyond just voting, there are a lot more ways to be an active citizen this year. 

February 19, 2020
Our Stories
As we kick off our 20th anniversary in the mobility space, Zipsters across the country supported Together We Rise, a national nonprofit dedicated to transforming how youth navigate the foster care system in America. 
February 11, 2020
Our Stories
Today is International Day of Women and Girls in Science!
February 4, 2020
Going Places
Forget about the lavish presents this Valentine’s Day. Hop in a Zipcar and visit these iconic rom-com locations to spark romance or bond with friends.
January 13, 2020
City Living
New year, new goals! We’re putting a twist on some common resolutions and making it easier for you to achieve them just by being a Zipcar member.