May 16, 2024
Going Places
Zipcar is a car-sharing service giving students access to cars around their university campus. They can book and drive them by the hour or day, 24/7. Which means they have a car at school without owning one.  
April 29, 2024
Zipcar for Business
Zipcar’s custom car-sharing program for Terwilliger Plaza helped the senior community maximize parking space, cut costs, and provided a much-needed transportation option.  
January 31, 2024
Zipcar for Business
Zipcar's custom car-sharing program for OCCS gives eligible Sacramento residents access to 18 electric and hybrid vehicles. 
November 20, 2023
City Living
Did you know 80% of small businesses say holiday sales are crucial for a good year?*  
September 27, 2023
Zipcar for Business
Zipcar created a custom, on-demand business program for tutoring company Private Prep.
September 22, 2023
Zipcar for Business
The custom car-sharing program for Pacific Gate included four luxury vehicles kept on-site for residents.