Supporting NHS and Social Care Workers During the Pandemic


We’ve been helping the NHS’s teams get from A to B for years, but during these challenging times we wanted to do more to provide NHS staff with flexible travel to suit their needs. That’s why we’ve been working with NHS Trusts, and all NHS staff are eligible for up to 30% off journeys with Zipcar.


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Thank you, NHS.


"Being a medic over the past few months has been a great challenge. With the help of Zipcar I was able to volunteer at NHS Nightingale London, travelling for my intensive care shifts back and forth to the hospital and avoiding public transport at this critical time. I was always able to find a car and most grateful to Zipcar for the NHS discount and for extending their area to include roads around the Excel centre. It certainly made my shifts and life at the time much easier. Post lockdown, we took a road trip to Rye - a beautiful day where I was able to take a day off and relax away from London." 

Aphrodite, Westminster

"I started using Zipcar during the pandemic and it was the best thing I did. As a key worker I need to ensure the patients safety as first priority, the amazing [discount] meant we could travel easily to the hospital. In my name and all NHS staff around the country,

Frederico, Leyton


"I’m a nurse in a busy London hospital, and it has been very busy over the past few months so I have been both physically and emotionally exhausted. When I found out Zipcar were giving NHS workers 50% discount I was so grateful for this. For around 2 months during the height of the pandemic I drove to work and back everyday, and this just took off so much pressure from me. I am so thankful to the Zipcar team for making my life a little bit easier during the pandemic." 

Rebekkah, Lewisham




NHS members supported so far
made NHS members during summer 2020
saved by NHS members who drove

"During lockdown, I had found it wonderful that Zipcar afforded front line workers like me to take journeys with an amazing discount. I used the cars on a number of occasions to support me to get into Central London where I could then conduct some essential visits to some incredibly vulnerable people. Without that I support from Zipcar, I wouldn't have been able to support others. Thank you very much!!!!"

Karen, Wandsworth


"[Using Zipcar] for every trip to work at the Hospital during the Covid-19 lockdown was very important: I always felt safer than taking any other modes of transport."

Joao, Islington




"I had been working in ITU and A&E; being on a nurse's salary in London means I'm not able to afford a car. So I rented a Zipcar to see my family for the first time in 4 months after lockdown. I got to see my new born niece and although we socially distanced when I got there, to see their faces in person is what kept me going at the hospital."

Sarah, Lambeth 

"This is great. Thank you so much for your considerate and generous gesture, much appreciated."

Cristina, London


"My partner is a doctor at a hospital, and at the peak of the crisis was staffed in Covid wards to support the surge in cases. Her usual mode of transport to work is public, but with the lockdown, her journey went from 45 mins with 2 changes, to more than 90 mins with 5 changes. We signed up for Zipcar to allow me to fetch her - to ensure she could continue to support the community. Zipcar enabled her to commute effectively, ensuring that transport would not prohibit her from carrying out her essential duty as a doctor effectively. In addition, I will always cherish those car rides with her, allowing us to have our alone time and provide a sense of normalcy in a time of crisis. Thank you for that."

Jay, Poplar




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