man waiting next a zipcar with his suitcase and teddy bear

One-way trips have landed

Take a Zipcar Flex to and from Terminal 5. A Flex is the hassle-free way to start your trip away for work or play. And even with the extra £7.50 airport fee, you’ll still save on parking or airport transfers.
man waiting next a zipcar with his suitcase and teddy bear

Why take a Flex?

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Save money

Even with the £7.50 airport charge taking a Zipcar Flex to or from Heathrow will be cheaper than private taxi or ride hail.

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On your own terms

Early flight? Packed one too many bags? Get to and from the airport on your own terms, hassle free.

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Share the journey

Travel with friends, colleagues and family – and help take one more car off the road (the trees will thank us).

Arriving at the airport

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1. Navigate

Head to the Short Stay Car Park at Heathrow Terminal 5. Follow the signs for Avis Budget returns (level 4)

2. Arrive and drop

Barriers will automatically rise – no ticket needed! Park in the area branded Returns Line next to the Avis Budget office.

3. End your trip

Use your app to end the trip.
Do not give your keys to the Avis staff – they can’t end the trip for you.

Leaving the airport

airport parking lot map

1. Reserve and find

When you’re within 15 minutes of leaving the terminal reserve your Flex in the app, and follow signs for Avis Budget Returns (level 4)

2. Unlock and drive

Unlock the car with your app. Your number plate is automatically recognised by the barrier – no ticket needed.

3. End your trip

Remember, you can only drop off in the Zipzone, so double check before you drive that you will be parking in the right area of London.

We're flexible

Simple, flexible, pay as you go rates that will save you a bundle. Don’t forget, for trips to and from Heathrow there’s a £7.50 airport fee.

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By the minute

Great for saving money on trips to the airport.

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By the hour

An hourly cap applies from 42 minutes. It stays at £14 for the hour to keep the cost down.

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By the day

Kicking in at 6 hours for the Polo, you’ll never pay more than £72 in 24 hours.

Ready to drive?

Reclaim the driver’s seat (and the radio). Get from A to B, run to the shops, have an adventure – whatever you need wheels for, it’s time to get around the smarter way.