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Zipcar for Property Developments


Here at Zipcar we've been working with property developers, travel consultants, local authority and housing associations to deliver bespoke car sharing clubs for developments across the UK. So far we have teamed up with over 1000 developments to help meeting Section 106 regulations and give their residents their own bespoke property development car club.


We have successfully installed more than 250 vehicles in developments for shared residential use, whilst also allowing members to have access to our 3,000 cars and vans across the UK.



Development car club experts

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Development car club experts

Our 16 years of experience of working with local authorities and developers will ensure that you minimise parking pressure on site while ensuring that our installation will fulfil the requirements of the Section 106 requirement. We provide dedicated support from our London based development specialists and we will support you from planning stage, through to installation and activation at the development. Zipcar will create bespoke marketing collateral for the development managers and residents and work with our marketing partners to deliver a package that will create awareness of the car club on-site.

Why use Zipcar in your development?

As the UKs leading car sharing club we've got the experience to help developers mitigate the impact of the development through using a car clubs, whilst also reducing the need for costly private parking.  Tenants and buyers can benefit from a variety of different membership options ranging from free credit to 1, 2 & 5 year memberships. To find out more simply get in touch with David Lang, UK Locations Manager

Planning Permission

Increase the likelihood of gaininig planning permission on a site

Section 106

Addressing specific Section 106 or Travel Plan requirements through use of a development car club to mitigate the impact of the development.

Reduce need for parking

Using a development car club reduces the need for costly private parking, therefore cutting the build costs and construction time.

Reduces car ownership

Using a property development car club reduces congestion and encourages a sustainable and economical alternative to car ownership.

Leverage for selling

Development car clubs act as a useful marketing tool to help sell properties with a limited parking provision.

Section 106: Car Clubs


Car clubs associated with new developments are generally secured through a Section 106 agreement which is an agreement between the developer and a LPA detailing financial measures that the developer agrees to undertake to often reduce the development’s impact on the surrounding area. The agreement aims to obtain concessions and contributions from the developer in return for planning consent.

Typically, Section 106 agreements relating to car clubs involve one or more of the following;

  • A set amount per unit to support the costs of the car club operation.


  • A set amount for vehicle bays/signage.


  • Funds to offer incentives to promote the car club such as free membership for an initial period.

To find out more, get in touch with David Lang, UK Locations Manager.