getting in to a zipcar

Zipcar Parking

Zipcar gives you access to over 3,000 cars and vans, so it's importnat ot know how and where to park them wherever you are.
getting in to a zipcar

Zipcar Parking Rules

Before you get in a Zipcar it’s important to understand the parking rules so you can plan ahead and ensure the vehicle is left where it should be. It’s also handy to know which type of vehicle you’re taking, here’s a link to our article explaining the difference in vehicle

Parking a Roundtrip Vehicle

Roundtrip vehicles need to be returned to their designated Car Club Bay, where you started the journey, at the end of your reservation. Information detailing the location of the bay can be found in your reservation confirmation email. If there are any changes to the bay, these will be detailed in the email. If the designated Car Club Bay is taken or blocked, please call us as soon as you can on 0333 240 9000 so we can guide you to park in a safe bay. Blocked bays are out of Zipcar’s control, however, we always do our best to assist and guide our members should this circumstance arise. You will not be able to park your own personal vehicle in the Car Club Bay during your reservation.

Parking a Flex car

Flex vehicles do not need to be returned to a designated bay, pretty cool eh! They do, however, need to be parked in an approved parking bay within the Zipzone. The rules vary by location so it’s important to plan your journey and know which borough you’ll be ending your trip.

Parking in the city of westminster

The rules are a little different in this Central London borough, so please be extra mindful when ending your trip

Shared Use bays - You can park in these spaces during your reservation or when ending your trip, but it's important to make sure the permissions are combined and for Resident Permit Holders or Pay by Phone. 

Pay by Phone bays - Great news, you can park in these spaces during or at the end of Flex trip. 

Resident & Dual Use bays - You are not allowed to use either types of parking space at any time during your Flex reservation.  You can quickly distinguish the Dual Use bays because permissions change depending on time of day.

Parking rules for ending your trip vary borough by borough, so please use the approved parking section in the app, shown below, to check you're using a legal bay.

Pay & Display or Pay by Phone bays - Just like in Westminster, you can also use these spaces in the listed boroughs. 

Resident Permit Holders only - If you see a sign like this, you'll be okay to park in almost all of the Zipzone boroughs.

Shared Use for Permit Holders or Pay & Display - Always check the wording, but if it's either permit holders and then pay at machine or pay by phone, you're fine to use these spaces in the following boroughs.

Parking during your reservation

During your reservation, you can park the vehicle as if it were your own. Ensure that wherever you are, you are parked legally and take the keys with you to lock and unlock.