Zipcar for Business

With 24/7 on-demand access to thousands of vehicles where you live and work, Zipcar for Business takes the hassle out of keeping your business moving.

Why Zipcar for Business?

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Save money

Get up to 29% off standard rates. Everything’s included – Congestion Charge, fuel, insurance, maintenance… and we’re ULEZ compliant.

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Drive on-demand

Book instantly and drive by the minute, hour or day, 24/7. Choose from thousands of cars, vans, and luxury vehicles.

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Using Zipcar means you can scale your fleet to suit your business needs. It’s easier and cheaper than having your own vehicles.

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Account management

We’ll help you make the most of the service as well as take the hassle away on everything from booking to billing.

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Take your pick from thousands of our cars and vans across the UK. The green pins are our Roundtrip vehicles and blue are Flex, one-way trip cars - available in London. Prices are consumer rates - business members save up to 29%. Change location

How Zipcar for Business works

Whether you’re a freelancer or part of a large corporation, we’ve got the experience - and the vehicles - to help you get the job done. Once you’re a member you’ll have access to book Roundtrip journeys, take Flex one-way trips as well as use our vans and luxury, unbranded fleet.

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Create a business account online and get your first year free (usually £99). Business members save up to 29% on standard driving rates, and you can also add more drivers to your account.

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Get access to cars, vans and our luxury fleet in one-way trips and Roundtrips too. Take a Zipcar Flex for a meeting across town or book a Roundtrip van to make deliveries.

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We can help you scale efficiently. From getting access to more vehicles to sharing operations insights, we’re here to help you get growing.

Now boarding one-way trips to and from Heathrow T5

Getting your business to and from T5 is easier with Flex.

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How do I sign my company up for Zipcar for Business?

Create your company account, then you can invite your team to sign up as drivers. Once approved, drivers can hit the road straight away using the app.


How do I manage drivers on my business account?

You can add drivers to your business account at just £12 a driver. You must approve all new drivers before they can join your account. Account administrators also have access to all trip data. Learn more.


How much does Zipcar for Business cost?

Zipcar for Business is free for your first year, then £99 a year after that. Zipcar for Business members always pay our cheapest prices – at up to 29% off standard driving rates. Take a Flex by the minute, or book a Roundtrip car or van by the hour or the day. Fuel, insurance, maintenance, and 60 miles per day are all included in membership.

How soon can I drive with Zipcar?

First, you’ll need to sign up online. Once approved, you can book right away via the Zipcar app, available on iOS and Android. You’ll also get a Zipcard in the post once you’re a member – handy in case your phone runs out of battery or has no signal.


What's the difference between Zipcar Flex and Roundtrip?

Flex is our one-way service. Just look for the blue pin in the app, reserve and drive then just drop in our Zipzone across London.  Perfect for spontaneous one-way trips around the city or getting to that important meeting.  With Roundtrip, pick your car up from a dedicated bay – you’ll find them all over London. Use the app to find any green pin near you, book and drive by the hour or day. Park in the same spot you picked your Zipcar up from.

Be in good company

Over 13,000 businesses trust Zipcar in the UK alone. From freelancers and start ups to councils and corporates, we're the smarter way to get your business growing.

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What types of vehicles can I use?

When making a booking, drivers can pick from a large selection of vehicles to fit your business needs, from city runarounds to vans - even unbranded luxury vehicles. We’ve got you covered.


Is fuel included?

It sure is. Just use the fuel card on the side of the dashboard when you need to fill up. Every car should have at least ¼ tank to start with (please bring yours back that way, too.) Our e-Golfs are charged overnight, so they’re good to go whenever you are.

How many miles are included?

60 miles each day. Extra miles cost from £0.25 per mile. We also cover your Congestion Charge, and all our vehicles are ULEZ compliant – so everything’s taken care of. Learn more.


How does Zipcar insurance coverage work?

All Zipcar members in good standing are covered by third party motor liability. Members are responsible for a £750 damage fee per incident, which can be reduced or eliminated with an optional damage fee waiver. Learn more.

Dedicated solutions

We know your business is unique, which is why we have ways to tailor our service to your needs.

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Ready to work smarter?

Get your business moving. Sign up for Zipcar for Business today.