how Z4B works

How Zipcar for Business Works



Zipcar for Business works in the same way Zipcar does – but with lots of added benefits.  Once you’re a business member,  just search, book, and unlock your Zipcar all using the app. 

Flex vs Roundtrip

Members get access to thousands of our rental cars and vans located just minutes from near where you live and work. How you use them is up to you – we have two ways to drive.


Flex is our one-way option. Just look for the blue pins in the app, reserve and drive then just drop in our Zipzone across London, UK. Perfect for getting to that last-minute meeting or getting one-way across town.

zipcar flex one-way
zipcar roundtrip


Pick up your Roundtrip car or van from its own dedicated bay. Use the app to find any green pin near you, book and drive by the hour or day. Park in the same bay you picked your Zipcar up from.

Creating your Zipcar business account


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Apply for an account

Just apply online or ask one of our team to contact you. You’ll need your driving license and proof of trade handy

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Invite Drivers

Invite your team to sign up as drivers. They’ll need your approval to join the account.

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Hit the road

Once they’re approved your team can book using the Zipcar app and drive right away.

Who is eligible to be a Zipcar for Business member?

Anybody who owns or works in a company; whether you’re a freelancer, start up or a corporate. All we need is proof of trade when you sign up (e.g. your website, invoices). When joining with an affiliated Business, anyone can apply as long as they’re at least 19 years old and have a valid driver’s licence. Employees with non-UK based licenses? Learn more.

How long does it take to sign up?

Create your business account online in minutes. After you’ve applied it takes around one business day to verify your license and proof of trading. Once that’s done, you can book and drive right away through the Zipcar app, available on iOS and Android.

How do I drive?

Book a car or van in our app. It works across both iOS and Android devices and gives you and your drivers everything you need to book and use Zipcar – and even locks and unlocks the vehicles.

How do I add and remove drivers on my business account?

To add drivers, access the “invite employees” tab of your account page. Enter the emails of the drivers you’d like to add, include a message, and click “send invite.” To remove drivers, click “manage drivers on my account” on the “about me” section of your account page.

Manage your account

Zipcar business account overview

Manage your account

Business members get access to an easy, online account management tool where you can:

  • Add and remove employees    
  • Track spend, mileage and employee trips    
  • Manage your team’s booking and invoices   
  • Contact your dedicated account manager 

Application is quick and easy

driving license and credit card

Application is quick and easy

All you'll need are:

  • A clear selfie holding a valid driver’s licence
  • Valid debit or credit card
  • Proof of trade

Why Zipcar for Business?

bag  of money, green icon

Save money

Get up to 30% off standard rates. Everything’s included – Congestion Charge, fuel, insurance, maintenance… and we’re ULEZ compliant.

self service app icon, green

Drive on-demand

Book instantly and drive by the minute, hour or day, 24/7. Choose from thousands of cars, vans, and luxury vehicles.

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Using Zipcar means you can scale your fleet to suit your business needs. It’s easier and cheaper than having your own vehicles.

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Account management

We’ll help you make the most of the service as well as take the hassle away on everything from booking to billing.

Book a Zipcar

Once you and your drivers are Zipcar for Business members you can book Zipcars right away through our website or via the app.

android phone with zipcar app listings on the screen
ios phone with zipcar app showing a map

How do I book?

You and your drivers can find and book a Zipcar using the iPhone® or Android™ app. You can also book online in your account. Admins can book on behalf of drivers too. Got questions? Speak to your account manager.

How do I cancel or change a booking?

Zipcar Flex bookings are held for 15 minutes. Roundtrip bookings can be cancelled or changed up to 30 minutes before the reservation. Learn more about rules on cancelling before your booking starts.

Where do I drop off my Zipcar?

If you book a one-way Zipcar Flex, you can return it almost anywhere in our Zipzone. (link to borough parking rules) With Roundtrip just return your Zipcar to the same spot where you picked it up.

Our Community Rules

Before you hit the road, read our community rules of car-sharing.

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Return it right

Return a Roundtrip on time, or you can extend your booking. Drop a Flex in our Zipzone.

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Keep it clean

Clean up, don’t smoke and take everything with you. Don’t forget to recycle your rubbish!

fuel gauge filling up icon

Fill ‘er up

If fuel is below ¼ tank at the end of your trip, fill up before you return to it’s bay. Fuel's on us!

How do I extend a Roundtrip booking?

As long as there isn’t a booking right after yours, you can extend a trip using the mobile app or by texting.

What if someone is late returning a Zipcar?

The key to car-sharing success is returning on time. With our Roundtrip service late members impact on others who have booked right after, and no one likes that. Drivers should book for the time needed and extend if you know you won't be back on time. We charge a late return fee starting at £35 per hour (up to 3 hours max), plus the additional usage.