Inside the Goodness brewery
Inside the Goodness brewery

The Goodness Brewing Company and Zipcar


Brewery and Taproom The Goodness Brewing Company, began as a community hop growing collective back in 2015, and is now a thriving micro brewery based in Wood Green, North London. Opening their space in 2019 has not come without it's challenges, transport of plenty of kegs per week included. Find out more about their business and how Zipcar has been part of their story below. 

The Goodness Brewing Company strives to bring you the most delicious and easy-drinking beers they can produce, putting a great deal of thought behind everything they produce. 


Founded by a group of three friends, Mike, Zack and Damien back in 2015, the brewery started as a community hop growing collective, quickly growing into the idea of creating a community space where people can gather and share in their passions such as art and music. Shortly after, old friends Joe and Ollie came on board, helping shape the vision of The Goodness Brewery bringing people together in a meaningful way. 


Since 2019, a space has been created to be the local hangout spot for a variety of people, and it just so happens to be inside the brewery! They've created a space to share good times with the people you love, and of course enjoy the amazing beer they have to offer!


How are The Goodness Brewing Company using Zipcar for Business?

Zipcar parked outside a pub

How are The Goodness Brewing Company using Zipcar for Business?

The Goodness Brewing Company started using Zipcar soon after they opened their permanent space in Wood Green in 2019. They use the vans to transport kegs and cans from their brewery to pubs and shops across London - once even going as far as Cambridge! 

Mostly using the vans midweek to make use of their business account discounts, the team has a choice of plenty of Zipcar vans local to the brewery. Using the app they mostly book in advance, but they make the most of the flexible service and are always able to respond to last-minute delivery requests if needed.

Adding as many drivers to their business account as they need, means they can be flexible with who makes the deliveries each day. 


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