A woman volunteering for a charity
September 29, 2023

Green Community Initiatives and Volunteering Opportunities in London

Looking to do your bit for the environment and for your community? Get involved in these green initiatives and community projects in London! From wildlife conservation to community volunteering, here’s how you can give back to your local community while saving the planet.

Planting trees in a forest

Trees for Cities

We all know how important trees are in tackling climate change, cleaning our air and protecting biodiversity. In fact, each year London’s trees remove 2.4 million tonnes of air pollution, including CO2 and other toxins. Trees bring us so many benefits, so get involved in planting some more! Trees for Cities plant thousands of urban trees worldwide each year. Volunteer with them and plant trees that can be enjoyed by generations of Londoners to come!

Conservation area

Conservation Volunteering

If you’re keen to volunteer with green initiatives, The Conservation Volunteers are connecting people with London’s green spaces. From surveying local wildlife to “green fitness” - getting fit in the great outdoors while doing your bit for the environment – with The Conservation Volunteers there are a huge range of activities you can get involved in with your community.

Litter Picking

Litter Picking

Sick of the sight of litter in your area? Why not take action into your own hands and start litter picking? CleanupUK is a charity dedicated to tackling the UK’s litter problem, and it’s easy for anyone to get involved! From borrowing a litter picker and tackling your local streets yourself to taking part in a community project or even creating your own litter picking group, it’s a great way to get active in your community while protecting the environment.

Volunteer serving food

The Felix Project

Did you know that over a third of food never gets eaten? A lot of it is wasted before it ever reaches our plates, but The Felix Project is tackling this issue head on. The charity collects surplus food and delivers it to schools and charities to feed vulnerable people in society, preventing good food from being wasted and tackling hunger at the same time! Volunteers help sort food, cook meals, drive vans and work in the office – find out how you can get involved!

Woman taking a book from a free library

Little Free Libraries

Named the world’s largest book-sharing movement, Little Free Libraries have been popping up all over London – you might’ve even spotted one on your street! These tiny sharing spaces resemble a cupboard with a clear window, and they’re filled with books that people have donated. The concept is simple: take a book, share a book. So, when you finish that thriller, why not pop to your closest Little Free Libraries and swap it for something else? You’ll be saving money (and paper!) and reducing waste in the process.

Canal boat surrounded by greenery

London Wildlife Trust

You might think that London wildlife is mainly pigeons in Trafalgar Square and foxes making strange noises at all hours of the night, but London Wildlife Trust is here to show you otherwise. From rare species of butterflies to native wildflowers, London’s wildlife is varied and interesting, and it needs your help! With volunteering opportunities like meadow restoration, scrub clearance, tree coppicing, habitat improvements and much more, get involved with this great charity. 

London skyline and the Thames

Protect London's Rivers

The Zoological Society of London is enlisting volunteer “citizen scientists” to help it protect the River Thames and its tributaries. Volunteers can help with tasks like conserving the endangered European eel, monitoring invasive species, checking the health of the waterways by examining invertebrates, and other exciting and scientific projects. Get involved today and help keep the Thames healthy for the wildlife that calls it home.

Volunteer serving a plate of food


Another food redistribution organisation, FareShare takes surplus food and shares it with charities across the UK, feeding the most vulnerable people in society. Every week they create almost a million meals, and you could join them in their crusade! From assisting in the warehouse to fundraising, get involved with this great initiative.