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Sometimes you just need a car in Cambridge

Cambridge is known throughout the world for its university, but there’s a lot more to this city than education. Incredibly beautiful, a simple walk around its cobbled streets would be a fine day out. Of course, if you live there you might want to see something new, which is easy as the city is perfectly placed to explore the rest of England as you please. That’s why we offer cheap car sharing in Cambridge.
While Cambridge has its own public transport system, sometimes you’re going to need a car. Riding the bus with the kids or a pile of shopping isn’t ideal, so having a car is not only easier but more flexible too. Car hire might be your first choice, but Zipcar offers a simpler and often cheaper alternative: car sharing. Zipcar offers just that.

Why Zipcar?

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Save money

We pay for fuel, parking, Congestion Charge and insurance – so you get access to a car without all the hassle of owning one!

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Cars near you

Zipcars live just around the corner. We've got the largest car sharing fleet in London (not that we're boasting) and you'll find us in cities across the UK. 

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Drive on-demand

Whatever you need wheels for, we’ve got them. Rent cars and vans by the minute, hour or day when and where you need them.

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Live greener

We’re the perfect addition to buses, trains and bikes for those times when you just need a car. We've also got hundreds of electric cars in our fleet. 

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Where to find Zipcars in Cambridge

There are Zipcars spread out across Cambridge meaning it’s always easy to get to one when you need it. If you start from Camrbidge station, you can find eight Zipcars all within walking distance. There is one just outside the station itself, another by Cambridge University Botanic Garden, two more on Hills Road and another three just off Mill Road. There are three more by Anglia Ruskin University, another on Trumpington Street by Peterhouse, four more dotted along the River Cam, another on Arthur Street just off Victoria Road, and one further north on Wentworth Road outside the Fitzwilliam College Playing Field. When you’ve got your plans in order, to find your nearest Zipcar just log onto the app or website to locate it and book it out. Then just make the short trip to where it’s parked and unlock it with your membership card. Then that’s it, you’re ready to go as we include fuel, 60 miles of travel, and insurance costs in the price.

The benefits of cheap car rental

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The benefits of cheap car rental

Whether you’re planning a family day out or want to explore beyond Cambridge, a car makes it that much easier. Public transport can be frustrating and unpredictable because of delays or service alterations. Wouldn’t it be much less stressful to not have to worry about things like that?

With Zipcar you can choose the car you want, without needing to think about petrol, insurance, or needing to run your own vehicle. You can rent by the hour to make things as easy as possible, while you’ll also get insurance and 60 miles worth of travel included in the cost of renting a car. It can be a great option for business use as well. Click here to see our options for business car sharing in Cabridge.

How to enjoy car sharing in Cambridge

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How to enjoy car sharing in Cambridge

We know how important it is to have a car. It makes life and travel much easier. The problem is that owning a car brings its own issues such as expense and repairs. That’s why our car club is the perfect alternative. You get all the comforts of owning a car without the stress of actually owning it.

Cambridge has a lot to offer for anyone. For a start, the University buildings aren’t just for learning. They’re architecturally notable in their own right and it’s worth strolling around just to soak up the atmosphere. If you want to discover something new, then Cambridge’s museums, such as the Centre for Computing History and the Fitzwilliam Museum are the place to go. Cambridge also has a vibrant arts scene, including galleries such as the Cambridge Contemporary Art centre, Castle Galleries and Kettle’s Yard.
The city is perfect for shopping too and the Lion Yard, the Grand Arcade and the Grafton all include plenty of shops, both independent and major brand name retailers. No matter what your tastes or interests, you’ll find something you like in Cambridge to fill up your boot with. Of course if you’re from Cambridge, you might be more interested in using your short term car rental to explore somewhere new. Just outside of the city is Thetford Forest Park. If you’re after some fresh air and nature, this place is perfect. Take a long walk, scout out some wildlife or just pitch up for a picnic – the choice is yours.

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How Zipcar works

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