Driving an electric flex car driving an electric flex car

Electric car sharing

Zipcar offers electric car hire in London, so you can drive around the city responsibly, without having to own a car. Our vision is simple – to enable simple and responsible urban living. And our mission is bold – to change the way people think about driving in cities around the world. But it’s not just about living car-free and less CO2 – it's about sustainable solutions, such as green car hire. That’s why in 2018 we launched hundreds of electric cars to our London car sharing fleet.

Why rent an electric car?

Our electric cars are already leading the charge across London, giving Londoners access to 600+ affordable electric cars whenever they need them. But that’s just the start. Our goal is to be fully electric by 2025, with 800,000 Londoners embracing fully electric car-sharing and reaping the benefits.

Three handy hints before you hit the road

If you’ve never rented an electric car before, here are some handy hints to get you started.

petrol gauge

Check the range

Our app and the dashboard will show you an approximate range for the car. Speed, cold weather, air-conditioning and heating will impact the car’s mileage.

car refueling at pump

We charge them

It’s not something you have to worry about  - we don't keep the cables in the car as our team charge electric Zipcars overnight to make sure you’ve got plenty of juice in the morning. 

ringing bell

It’s quiet

Our EV's are super quiet. You’ll know you’re ready to drive when the dashboard screen lights up! You can find out more about each car here.

What if I need to charge the car?

Sometimes, if you take an EV outside of London you may need to charge the vehicle yourself. Below are some useful tips.

How can I pay?

As we take care of the charging in London, none of our vehicles have charging cards in them. If you need to charge your EV, you can pay by contactless debit card - keep the receipt or take a picture of the charging confirmation (we'll need proof!) and we'll refund this right back to you.

Where can I charge?

As our EV's don't have cables, you'll need to head to a rapid charge point (50kW or above). All our cars can use DC CCS charge points and you can find these on Zap Map

How long does it take?

With a rapid charger, which is 50kW and above, a full charge can take anywhere from 40 minutes. The higher the kW, the faster the charge! We'd recommend planning your route ahead of time to make sure you aren't stuck without charge.

Our vision for 2025

We always encourage our members to go a little greener and our city's air a little cleaner; that's why we’ve had plug-in vehicles in our fleet since 2012. So we’ve always known electric is the future. That’s why we’ve developed a 2025 vision that secures that future. With the current growth we expect 800,000 Londoners will be embracing fully electric car-sharing, delivering huge benefits to the city.

two electrical cars plugged in and charging

9,000 shared electric cars

Serving all the needs for Londoners with zero tail pipe emissions.

woman on cell phone with a Zipcar in the foreground

12,000 fewer private cars

Removed from our roads because car-sharing members are selling or no longer buying their own cars.

smiling man standing behind car with rolling suitcase

821 million fewer miles

Driven every year thanks to private cars removed from the road and car sharers driving fewer miles as they cycle, walk and use public transport more than average Londoners.

woman leaning against the size of a car while using cell phone

160,000 tonnes of CO2

Saved every year thanks to the switch away from 120,000 private to 9,000 shared electric cars.

VW eGolf

We have VW eGolfs in the fleet that are all available for one-way Flex journeys. 


Our first plug-in hybrid car, the VW Golf GTE, uses both electric and petrol for longer journeys.


One of the newest in our Flex fleet, the Corsa-e's are perfect for those Flex trips around town.

Hyundai Ioniq 

The brand new Hyundai Ioniq's are the newest additions to our London Flex fleet.

Renault EV Kangoo Maxi ZE

We also have an electric van for businesses in Brixton, find out more here.

Ready to drive?

Reclaim the driver’s seat (and the radio). Get from A to B, run errands, have an adventure –whatever you need wheels for, it’s time to get around the smarter way.