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Car Sharing in Islington

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Sometimes you just need a car in Islington

Just north of central London is the borough of Islington. While it’s one of London’s smaller districts, it’s not lacking in things to do. Playing host to Arsenal FC, it also includes theatres, plenty of restaurants, and a high street offering lots of popular shops. By taking advantage of the cheap car sharing in Islington we offer, you can make exploring the borough or going beyond its borders simple and affordable. If you want to spend the day travelling around Islington, or have plans to escape the city for a while, you can rent cars from us by the hour. With more flexibility and greater choice in locations to get your vehicle, it’s an excellent alternative to traditional car hire and ownership. Joining a car sharing club like Zipcar can also makes things easier and cheaper too.

Why Zipcar?

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We pay for fuel, parking, Congestion Charge and insurance – so you get access to a car without all the hassle of owning one!

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Zipcars live just around the corner. We've got the largest car sharing fleet in London (not that we're boasting) and you'll find us in cities across the UK. 

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Whatever you need wheels for, we’ve got them. Rent cars and vans by the minute, hour or day when and where you need them.

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We’re the perfect addition to buses, trains and bikes for those times when you just need a car. We've also got hundreds of electric cars in our fleet. 

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Where to rent a Zipcar

Islington is full of Zipcars so you won’t struggle to find one, even if you’re in a hurry – there’s never one more than short trip away. Starting from Highbury and Islington station you could walk in any direction and quickly come across a Zipcar. The same can be said for the nearby Caledonian Road and Barnsbury station. Further north, there’s a cluster of cars in the Holloway area with vehicles on both sides of the tracks of near Arsenal station and even more in the direction of Tufnell Park. Setting off on your journey is really simple with Zipcar, owing to our car club system. To find the one closest to you, just use the app or website to bring up a map of all the nearby Zipcars. Once you’ve picked out the car you want, just go online via our website or app and book it. Then simply find it and unlock it with your membership card and you’re good to go. As an extra convenience, 60 miles of travel, insurance or congestion charges are included in the cost.

Owning a car in Islington

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Owning a car in Islington

Owning a car is a great way to make life more accessible. The problem is that buying a car costs a lot and that’s without the insurance and any repairs that will be needed in the future. It’s a cost many can’t bear, which is why Zipcar exists. We enable people to complete their errands or see more of the world easily and without the need for massive amounts of cash.

Islington doesn’t only attract people wanting to watch a big game of football at the Emirates Stadium – it’s got plenty more to offer besides that. For a start, Islington has a great selection of theatres to drive to on a short term car hire. If you’re after some drama or comedy, while there’s a huge array of restaurants that would be perfect for a post-show meal.

Islington is also a great place to start if you want to explore further afield. You could head north beyond the M25 and visit some of the smaller towns and villages outside of the bustle of London. Cuffley is a quaint little village and great if you’re after a relaxing ramble and a traditional country pub lunch. For enthusiastic golfers the nearby Milbrook Golf Course is worth driving up to and there are several more located just off the A10.

Things to do in and around Islington by car

Taking a trip in a Zipcar

Things to do in and around Islington by car

If you want to get back to nature, then you could take a trip up to the Broxbourne and Bencroft nature reserves. Here you can escape the city life of the capital and take your pick from the various walks available. A popular choice is the sculpture trail where you follow a path through the woods past a collection of interesting art works. You can also trace the route of a Roman road and see a medieval moated enclosure.

A bit further away, Newmarket is still within day tripping distance. The centre of British horse racing, Newmarket is a must-see for horse lovers. You can either time your visit to catch a race day, or visit the National Stud and see the race horses being exercised on the gallops, although you need to start early to catch this.

So, if you want all the advantages of owning a car without actually having one, then Zipcar is the solution.

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