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Car Sharing in Kensington & Chelsea

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Sometimes you just need a car in Kensington & Chelsea

Known as one of the smarter and more desirable boroughs of London, Kensington and Chelsea is a very popular place to visit. It’s not just for the upper set though, with plenty of places to visit including great restaurants, parks and some of London’s most well-known museums. With the cheap car sharing in Kensington and Chelsea that we offer, you can easily visit all the best destinations in the borough or to even escape the city for a few days. If you live in Kensington and Chelsea and are thinking about taking a trip outside London, our alternative to traditional car hire is the best option. Not only is our car club sharing system incredibly simple, but because we rent cars and vans by the hour we can be really flexible too.

Why Zipcar?

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Save money

We pay for fuel, parking, Congestion Charge and insurance – so you get access to a car without all the hassle of owning one!

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Zipcars live just around the corner. We've got the largest car sharing fleet in London (not that we're boasting) and you'll find us in cities across the UK. 

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Drive on-demand

Whatever you need wheels for, we’ve got them. Rent cars and vans by the minute, hour or day when and where you need them.

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Live greener

We’re the perfect addition to buses, trains and bikes for those times when you just need a car. We've also got hundreds of electric cars in our fleet. 

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Where to rent a Zipcar

No matter where you are in Kensington and Chelsea you’re never more than a few minutes walk away from the nearest Zipcar. In the area surrounding Earl’s Court and West Brompton stations, there are several clusters of cars all within a short walking distance, many conveniently located for the Old Brompton Road. In the heart of Kensington, you can find cars near South Kensington and Sloane Square Tubes, as well as near the museums and the Fulham Road. Our cars in Chelsea are mainly located close to the King’s Road, although there are a few adjacent to the river. Further north in Holland Park, there are clusters of cars just off Kensington High Street and more close to Kensington Church Street. If you want to get onto the A3220, there are also some to the west in Olympia. To the north of the borough, there are cars around Notting Hill Gate Tube and another cluster just off Westbourne Road in addition to more cars throughout the neighbourhood. A short walk west, you can find more cars near to Ladbroke Grove, ideal for getting onto the Westway. Finding the closest Zipcar is really simply too, just log on to the app or website and you’ll find all the information you need. Once you’ve chosen your vehicle, our car club makes it easy to get started. Just use our website or app and book your car out. Then find it on the street and magically open it with your membership card or the app. Even better, insurance, fuel, congestion charges and your first 60 miles are included in the price.

Things to do in Kensington & Chelsea

Zipcar Flex in London

Things to do in Kensington & Chelsea

Kensington and Chelsea has a lot to offer. For a start it is home to the Natural History Museum, Science Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum. They’re all within walking distance of each other, so parking nearby will give you a lot to do for the day, not to mention the South Kensington Farmer’s Market just down the road and Hyde Park round the corner.

If you’re after a different kind of market, then this borough also hosts the famous Portobello Road antiques market, the largest in the world. You can also pick up clothes, books and records. If you’re looking to fill the car up with some interesting or unusual items, this should be at the top of your list.

Getting out of town with a Zipcar

Drive a Zipcar out of town

Getting out of town with a Zipcar

Of course you don’t have to contain yourself to Kensington and Chelsea, or even just London. Why not head outside the city for the day?

A 40 minute drive out west will bring you to Colne Valley Park, making it the perfect choice for a day trip using a short term car hire. This sprawling expanse of green that straddles the M25 has a lot to offer including long walks, relaxing riverside picnics, canal boat cruises, golf or even some fishing. For shutter bugs, the park runs a landscape camera challenge where visitors are challenged to recreate old photographs of the park.

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How Zipcar works

Join online, and once you’re a member you’ll have access to book Roundtrip journeys, Flex one-way trips as well as our vans and luxury, unbranded fleet. Just download the app, reserve and drive.

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Apply online with a picture of your driving licence at the ready. As soon as you’re approved, you’re good to go.

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Book by the hour or day, perfect for weekends away and trips around town. Unlock with the app or your Zipcard. Need a one-way trip? Try Zipcar Flex. 

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When you’re done, return your Roundtrip vehicle to the same dedicated bay you got it from. Pop the keys in the glovebox and lock via the app.