man waiting next a zipcar with his suitcase and teddy bear

One Way Zipcar to Gatwick North Terminal

Take a Zipcar Flex to and from Gatwick North Terminal. Flex is the hassle-free way to start your trip away for work or play. And even with the extra £25 airport fee, you’ll still save on parking or airport transfers.
man waiting next a zipcar with his suitcase and teddy bear

Why take a Flex?

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Save money

Taking a Zipcar Flex to or from Gatwick will save you money on parking or airport transfer costs such as private taxi or ride hail.

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On your own terms

Early flight? Packed one too many bags? Get to and from the airport on your own terms, hassle free.

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Share the journey

Travel with friends, colleagues and family – and help take one more car off the road (the trees will thank us).

Our home at Gatwick North Terminal

Zipcar offers airport transfers from Gatwick North Terminal with Flex. In collaboration with Avis and Budget, we have taken over 20 bays a 2-minute walk from North Terminal. 



Arriving at the airport

1. Navigate

When approaching North Terminal follow the signs for ‘Car Rental Returns’ the car park is located just off Racecourse way. The barrier code is 1066#.

2. End your trip

Park up in one of the Avis Budget bays, then use your app to end the trip. 

3. Transfer

it is a 2–3 minute walk to the North Terminal. The free airport shuttle can be used if you’re flying from South Terminal.

Leaving the airport

1. Reserve

Once you've landed at the airport and got your bags, open the app, find and reserve a car. 

2. Find your car

Leave the North terminal towards the car rental car park, on the ground floor towards the bus stations. If you need more time, you can extend your hold on the car in the app.

3. Unlock and drive

Unlock the car with your app, find the keys in the glovebox and off you go. You can only drop off in the Zipzone, so double-check you can end your trip where you're heading.

We're flexible

Simple, flexible, pay as you go rates that will save you a bundle. Don’t forget, for trips to and from Gatwick there’s a £25 airport fee.

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By the minute

Great for saving money on trips to the airport.

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By the hour

An hourly cap applies from 45 minutes. It starts at £14 for the hour, depending on your plan, to keep the cost down.

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By the day

Kicking in at 9 hours for Flex vehicles, you'll be able to take the cars from £105 a day.

Gatwick Drop-off Pick-up FAQs

As we launch the new location, we want to make sure all your questions are answered so we can get you on your way.

How much is it to drop off or pick up from North Terminal?

There will be a £25 Airport fee on top of the trip cost. The service is only available in Flex, so your journey will be charged in line with your rate plan with the £25 fee will be on top of that.

Why has it been priced at that?

We have taken on feedback from our operations at Heathrow over the last 3 years across both locations and believe it is fairly priced when compared with private hire and car parking fees.

How far is the car park from the airport?

It is a 2–3 minute walk to the North Terminal. The free airport shuttle/monorail can be used if you’re flying from South Terminal.

What is the barrier code?

1066#. When you approach the barrier, enter the code on the keypad and the barriers will lift. If there are any issues, please press the bell symbol and speak to a member of Gatwick's staff.

Where can I park my Zipcar?

There are 20 bays marked with Avis and Budget branding that you can leave your Zipcar in. Simply find an available bay, park up and end your trip.

What if there are no bays available?

In the situation that all bays are filled, there should be 5 Avis Preferred bays that you may leave your vehicle in, however, if you do end your trip in these bays, you must call customer service immediately so that we can make the necessary teams aware.