Schedule 3: Special Conditions - Zipcar Roundtrip

In addition to the Rules and obligations set out in the Zipcar Contract and Schedule 1, Members are required to take careful note of, and abide by, the Rules set out in this Schedule 3 when using a Zipcar vehicle under Zipcar Roundtrip.

1. Reserving Zipcar Roundtrip Vehicles

1.1 Members must always reserve Zipcar vehicles online at the website or on the Zipcar app in advance before picking up and using the Zipcar Roundtrip vehicle. Zipcar does not guarantee the availability of any Zipcar Roundtrip vehicle but will use reasonable endeavours to ensure reasonable availability of Zipcar Roundtrip vehicles for its Members.

1.2 If you have not made a reservation in advance and the Zipcar app shows that there are available Zipcar Roundtrip vehicles, you may reserve the Zipcar Roundtrip vehicle and then swipe in with your Zipcard or Zipcar app to take possession of the Zipcar Roundtrip vehicle at your convenience. Zipcar Roundtrip vehicles must be reserved via the website or Zipcar app prior to swiping in and taking possession of a Zipcar Roundtrip vehicle.

1.3 The minimum period for which a Zipcar Roundtrip vehicle may be reserved is one (1) hour. If the Zipcar Roundtrip vehicle is available, a reservation may be extended in half-hour increments thereafter as provided in Section 1.4 below. The maximum rental period is seven (7) consecutive days. Use of a vehicle for a period longer than seven (7) consecutive days may be authorised at Zipcar's discretion and must be arranged with a Zipcar representative in advance by calling us. Consecutive (back to back) reservations in the same Zipcar Roundtrip vehicle will be treated as a single reservation with continuous usage and will be billed accordingly.

1.4 Extending a Reservation: If you wish to extend a reservation, you may do so only if (i) the vehicle is available for use for the extension period (for example, it is not reserved by another Member), (ii) the request to extend is completed prior to the scheduled expiration time of your existing reservation and (iii) you have sufficient credit/funds available on the credit/debit card used to make the reservation to pay for the extension.

1.5 Cancelling a Reservation: If you wish to cancel a reservation or shorten the period for which a vehicle has been reserved, (a) for a reservation of less than eight (8) hours, you must do so at least three (3) hours before the scheduled start time of the reservation and (b) for reservations of eight (8) hours or more, you must do so at least twenty four (24) hours before the scheduled start time of the reservation. If you cancel or shorten a reservation outside of the applicable window, you may be subject to certain charges or cancellation fees, as further described in the Additional Charges Schedule.

2. Vehicle Pick-up, Return and Charges

2.1 You must pick up the selected vehicle at the Dedicated Parking Space as indicated on the Zipcar app or website and, after you have completed your trip and no longer require the Zipcar Roundtrip vehicle, you can leave it parked, secured, clean (rubbish removed), with at least a quarter tank of fuel, and in good working order, at the correct Dedicated Parking Space by no later than the end time of your reservation.

2.2 You are responsible for all charges and costs incurred related to the Zipcar Roundtrip vehicle for the entire period of the reservation and until you notify Zipcar of the end of use by the required manner indicated on the Zipcar app or website.

2.3 The vehicle must be parked, secured, closed, locked and serviceable (all accessories off, key out of ignition and in proper place, all windows, doors, hatches, sunroofs and other openings closed, fuel card, parking pass and other accessories in the vehicle) and returned to the its Dedicated Parking Space.

2.4 Zipcar Roundtrip vehicles must be returned no later than the end time of the reservation and the Member is required to swipe out of the vehicle using the Zipcard or Zipcar app. Members will be charged until they have successfully swiped out of the Zipcar Roundtrip vehicle.

2.5 The Member will be billed for the full amount of the reservation time period, even if the vehicle is returned early. Should a vehicle be returned late, the reserving Member will be responsible for late fees as described in the Additional Charges Schedule.

2.5 Members will be charged for driving Zipcar Roundtrip vehicles using the following pricing structure: Membership and Driving Rates Schedule.

3. Refuelling Petrol/Diesel Powered Vehicles

3.1 When you use a Zipcar Roundtrip vehicle, Zipcar is responsible for the cost of fuel (subject to mileage overage fees that may apply to a reservation – see the Additional Charges Schedule for further detail), but Members are required to fill up petrol/diesel powered Zipcar Roundtrip vehicles if the fuel tank drops below one quarter of a tank. We provide you a fuel card for this purpose. If the fuel card is missing or not functioning, Zipcar will reimburse you for the actual cost of fuel if you pay for it yourself in accordance with Section 4 below.

3.2 Members must, when returning the vehicle, ensure that the tank is at least one quarter full; you will be charged a fee in accordance with the Additional Charges Schedule if the vehicle is returned with less than one quarter of a tank of fuel.

3.3 Zipcar fuel cards may only be used to fuel Zipcar Roundtrip vehicles and, as provided in Section 5.2 below, for cleaning the exterior and/or interior of the vehicle, and may not be used for any other purpose.

3.4 Members must ensure that they use the correct fuel when refuelling the vehicle (petrol or diesel). Fuel decontamination costs and any other damage or costs (including road side assistance or recovery) arising from the use of the incorrect fuel are not limited to the Damage Fee and are not covered by Zipcar's insurance or a DFW.

4. Eligible Expenses and Maintenance/Cleanliness

4.1 What is an "Eligible Expense"? An “Eligible Expense” is defined in this Schedule 3 as (a) an expense incurred by the Member for minor (under £15) routine maintenance and repairs on Zipcar Roundtrip vehicles as described in Section 5.1, (b) the cost of fuel when the fuel card is missing or not functioning and (c) any other expense that is authorised in advance by a Zipcar representative.

4.2 Recovering an Eligible Expense: If you pay for an Eligible Expense, you must keep the actual receipt reflecting the item or service purchased and the date and time of purchase (which must be during your reservation), and note on it the odometer reading at the time of the purchase. Please print your name on the receipt and email the receipt to us within thirty (30) days of your reservation and we will credit such amount to the relevant bank account number, credit or debit card you have on file for the applicable reservation. No credit or refund will be given without a receipt, or if the receipt is submitted thirty (30) days or more after the reservation date.

5. Maintenance, Repairs and Cleanliness

5.1 Maintenance and Repairs: Members must be responsive to all warning lights, chimes and other indicators and alerts. While Zipcar will provide regular servicing and maintenance of the Zipcar Roundtrip vehicles, Members are expected to assist in routine maintenance (such as by checking fluid levels, filling the windscreen washer fluid), and to make, or have made, minor repairs to help ensure that the vehicle is safe for use (for example, by changing wiper blades and light bulbs while the vehicle is in your possession). The cost of such minor maintenance and repairs will generally be considered Eligible Expenses reimbursable in accordance with Section 4 above.

5.2 Cleanliness: Members are also expected to maintain the cleanliness of the exterior and interior of the Zipcar Roundtrip vehicles. Zipcar will reimburse you for up to £10 for washing the vehicle and a Member may use the fuel card in the vehicle to pay for an exterior washing of the vehicle and windows up to a maximum of £10.

6. Taking a Zipcar Roundtrip Vehicle Abroad

6.1 Driving a Zipcar Roundtrip vehicle in countries other than England, Scotland and Wales without written permission from Zipcar and a valid "vehicle for hire" certificate for the duration of use is prohibited.

6.2 Members must notify Zipcar at least seven (7) days prior to departure if they intend to travel overseas during their booking. Details of the trip must be provided including dates and destination.

6.3 Members will be responsible for procuring any additional equipment necessary to comply with foreign driving regulations including, but not limited to, reflective jackets, warning triangles and headlamp adjusters.