convos in cars conversations in cars

Conversations in Cars

Conversations in Cars


Expert psychologist Sarah Rozenthuler explains why cars facilitate the most important chats 

  • New research reveals that 76% of Brits have had a deep and meaningful conversation in a car
  • Research also reveals that driving for 73 minutes is key to unlocking the deepest, most meaningful conversations
  • Nearly a quarter (24%) prefer to raise an issue with someone in a car compared to elsewhere
  • GOT THE BOOT IN A CAR? 31% of British millennials would prefer to break up in a car over anywhere else

Over three-quarters of Brits reveal they have their deepest and most meaningful conversations in cars with nearly a quarter (24%) stating they prefer to raise an issue with someone in the car rather than anywhere else.

A survey commissioned by the UK’s largest car-sharing club, Zipcar UK, cited that Brits felt most comfortable having meaningful conversations in cars because there are no distractions (29%), there is nowhere to escape to (25%), and you’re not forced to look one another in the eye (23%). When it comes to the sexes, men feel most at ease when having deep and meaningful conversations in cars than anywhere else.

Sarah Rozenthuler, Chartered Psychologist and Author of How to Have Meaningful Conversations explains: ‘Driving is a helpful distraction, particularly for people who don’t often share how they feel. As the driver has another task to perform, their ability to repress their feelings lessens and their true emotions come to the surface. The informal setting also helps us loosen up and speak more freely.’’ 

CAR JOURNEYS ARE LOOSENING BRITS UP- the research also found that while in a car Brits are keener to get deep and honest with a friend (31%), 29% have exchanged life advice, and 28% dare to dabble in politics. An evasive 16% even admit the car is an ideal place to reveal a big secret.

Brits also reflect on significant journeys such as their first drive with their license (31%), a road trip with friends/family (26%), and a first date (15%) as being key life moments.

James Taylor, General Manager at Zipcar says: “Our members have told us that Zipcars have been used for marriage proposals, taking expecting mothers in labour to the hospital and even taking a bride to her wedding when her taxi didn’t show up! 

It’s incredible to see Zipcar UK facilitate not only essential journeys, but meaningful conversations and key life moments. We’re not just here for the everyday essential journeys but also those memory-making adventures such as last-minute getaways and road trips. With the rise in popularity of domestic travel, we have a chance to connect with our loved ones and surroundings more than ever before”.