tufts university students join zipcar

follow the steps below to join:

If you have applied for Zipcar as a Tufts student and you are under 21 years old, you can check the status of your application by logging into your account at zipcar.com.

step 1:

fill out the tufts insurance acknowledgement form

step 2:

email the completed form to zipcar@tufts.edu

step 3:

fill out your zipcar application (you're only steps away from freedom on the road!)


Learn how to read your application status

this means you have completed the step listed

this means there are some items to be completed

this means this item requires your attention



application: if you have completed your zipcar member application, you will see a green checkmark. (no checkmark? review your application and make sure all area fields are filled out)

account membership approval: this means that your "Tufts Insurance Acknowledgement Form" has been sent to someon in the Tufts Public Safety department, and is currently being reviewed. green checkmark = your form was accepted; gear wheels= currently with Tufts for review

driving record: someone at zipcar is checking your driving history.

how to zip: you can watch these videos anytime to learn how to use Zipcar.

zipcard: green checks on all the above? get ready to recieve your zipcard and cruise the open road.


for more information about Zipcar for students under 21 at Tufts, visit http://publicsafety.tufts.edu/adminsvc/zipcar/