Coronavirus (COVID-19): Keeping the Zipcar community safe


The safety of our members is, and always has been, our number one priority at Zipcar.  We remind all members that you should adhere to the UK Government’s latest national and local guidelines.


Here are the actions we're taking to keep you, our members, safe as well as what we’re asking of our membership community.  


What we are doing?


  • Enhanced cleaning protocols and products: We have stringent checks in place to ensure all of our vehicles are cleaned thoroughly, and have further enhanced cleaning protocols and products. We’ve also enhanced the vigorous cleaning techniques of our vehicles, paying close attention to the hard surfaces people touch, such as steering wheels, door handles, mirrors and key fobs.
  • Increased hygiene: We’ve also promoted additional hygiene and safety practices within the team that works behind the scenes to care for our vehicles.

What we are asking our Members to do?


  • Practice good hygiene: We are asking our members to continue to be responsible members of our sharing community. Please follow guidance from health experts and use the best judgment regarding personal health. Members can help our car sharing community by bringing disinfectant wipes to wipe down the car for yourself and others, keeping their hands clean and using anti-bacterial hand gel before and after each trip. Please remember to take these wipes, and any other rubbish, with you at the end of your journey as outlined in our Community Rules


  • If you are experiencing symptoms of Coronavirus, or have knowingly been exposed to someone suspected or confirmed to have COVID-19, please do not book any Zipcar vehicle for 14 days in the interest of other members.

We are closely following updates on Coronavirus (COVID-19), including guidance from Public Health England (PHE), the World Health Organization (WHO), and local health officials. 

We'll continue to take actions necessary to keep our community safe.  For the safety of all members, please ensure you are taking the right personal steps to ensure you and others remain safe, and following the UK government’s latest guidelines.


Our Community Rules

Before you hit the road, read our community rules of car-sharing.

hour glass icon

Return it right

Return a Roundtrip on time, or you can extend your booking. Drop a Flex in our Zipzone.

rubbish bin icon

Keep it clean

Clean up, don’t smoke and take everything with you. Don’t forget to recycle your rubbish!

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Fill ‘er up

If fuel is below ¼ tank at the end of your trip, fill up before you return to it’s bay. Fuel's on us!

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