deliveroo rider in east london
deliveroo rider in east london

How flexible transport keeps Deliveroo’s events on track

Keeping your team engaged is no small task when you’re all based in the same building, let alone spread across the world. Find out how we work with Deliveroo’s events team to bring their riders together.

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To most people, mentioning Deliveroo brings to mind a welcome excuse not to cook on a Friday night, or pancakes delivered to your door on a not-so-sparkly Sunday morning. In the UK alone, Deliveroo have 25,000 riders. Globally, this figure shoots up to a whopping 65000. Bringing such a large, dispersed workforce together and creating a sense of belonging is tricky business – but that’s precisely what Christina Lewis, Deliveroo’s Engagement and Events Manager, does all the time.

The main events

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The main events

One of the big, national events Chrissie has run was the Rider Races. This was an event that involved engagement on a national scale. She explains: “We travelled around the UK and held cycling events at velodromes and riders from the local area competed against each other. The top three male and female riders from those events qualified, and they went through to the Rider Races final, which we held at the Olympic velodrome in Stratford. It was a really special event.”

But most of the events are on a smaller scale, engaging with communities individually. Of course, safety is the number one priority for Chrissie and her team, so lots of events they have delivered over the past year have been safety centred. The team offer services such as workshops where riders can get their vehicles checked locally, making sure they’re road safe – particularly as winter comes around. 

Sharing the load with car sharing

booking a zipcar through the app

Sharing the load with car sharing

As you can imagine, all of this makes for a lot of organisation on behalf of Chrissie and her team, and a hell of a lot of logistics to wrestle with. So, the last thing they need is extra stress to contend with. And, in trying to be a future-facing company, the events team don’t have a permanent vehicle. So, they use Zipcar.

Chrissie explained why. “We use Zipcars to make sure that we have all the stuff we need for our events. It’s really easy to book, we just book on the app, and we can do it really flexibly. We can pick it up really close to office (being in London, space is a bit of a premium), so it’s really important that we can jump in a van when we need it and load it up with all the stuff we need for an event.”

And if anything unexpected comes up, we’re on hand to help. She shares: “As a business we get an account manager. They look after us, make sure that were booking for when we need, and if we have any problems, they’re a really good support for us as well.”

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