Member stories - pets
member stories - pets

Our Member's Stories - Pets

Our four-wheeled vehicles are here to help you with your four-pawed friends! Take a look at how our members use Zipcar to look after their pets. Just remember to be a good boy and keep fluffy and buster in a carrier when they’re in the car...


Pawfect lockdown companion


Pawfect lockdown companion

"I have always wanted a cat, but for one reason or another, it had taken me until 2020 to adopt one. I’d spent weeks in touch with various cat shelters. They’d all been shut to new adoptions in March due to the risk of Covid-19, except one which was miles away in the depths of South East London! So when they said I could come one Saturday to collect Mr Jinks, I knew I needed a Zipcar. So off we went to meet Mr Jinks - an 18-month-old tabby with white socks who had been a hungry stray. I drove back as smoothly as I could to make sure he wasn’t scared. And then with a few meows and 50 minutes later - we arrived at his new home. He’s settled in and has been the best lockdown companion ever!"

Sara, Wandsworth


Visiting parent's pup


Visiting parent's pup

"I took a Zipcar down to Kent to sit in my parents garden and meet their new puppy, Raffie, when the lockdown restrictions were lifted. We got in the car at 6am and drove down to Folkestone arriving by 7.30am for croissants in the garden! It was so lovely to get out of London and see my parents and little Raffie."

Freya, Wandsworth


Collecting our new puppy


Collecting our new puppy

"We used Zipcar to go to Maidstone from London to meet and choose our first puppy! The journey itself was a joy, we also stopped for lunch in a nice countryside steakhouse and at the Leeds Castle on our way home for a walk in the park. We made quite the day-trip out of it and enjoyed every second, daydreaming of finally owning a dog and singing along to the radio!"

Frederica, Balham

Hedgehog romance


Hedgehog romance

"My most memorable Zipcar trip will always stay in mind. I have a pet pygmy hedgehog and she is so cute, I decided to breed her! I got a Zipcar and drove out to Essex to find her a date!"

Claire, Tower Hamlets

Rescuing a greyhound

Chun K

Rescuing a greyhound

"I used Zipcar to get down to the Greyhound kennels when I was looking to adopt an ex-racer. Having access to Zipcar really helped as they were really difficult to get to with public transport. Zipcar enabled me to rescue my rescue!"

Chun Kiat, Lewisham

Wherever you’re going, get there with Zipcar

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Wherever you’re going, get there with Zipcar

For spontaneous trips, choose Zipcar Flex, which lets you pick up and drop off anywhere in the Zipzone. If you’re planning ahead, Zipcar Roundtrip lets you pick up from a designated bay and return it again once you’re done.

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