Redbridge Foodbank volunteer
Redbridge Foodbank volunteer

Redbridge Foodbank and Zipcar for Business

Founded in 2010 by Jubilee Church Ilford & City Gates Church, Redbridge Foodbank have been providing emergency food and signposting services to local people in crisis for over 10 years. We wanted to find out more about how they support their local community, and how Zipcar for Business keeps them moving. 

"It was an absolute delight to see all the food go into the Zipcar van and be driven off knowing that we only needed to do one run"

How does Redbridge Foodbank work?

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How does Redbridge Foodbank work?

Redbridge Foodbank provides three-day emergency food parcels to people in need, from one of their two foodbank centres. Schools, churches, businesses and individuals donate food, with larger collections such as harvest festival also taking place. Volunteers sort all of the donated food, and this is transported to either a storage facility to be used at a later date, or to the Foodbank centres ready to be given out. Care professionals such as Doctors refer people in crisis to the Foodbank, where they will visit to pick up their parcel, but also have a drink and discussion about how to solve the longer term issues they may be having.

How are Redbridge Foodbank using Zipcar for Business?

Redbridge Foodbank employee

How are Redbridge Foodbank using Zipcar for Business?

Multiple times a week, donated stock is moved between the storage facilities and the Redbridge Foodbank centre. Drivers also pick up donations from supermarkets and local collection points, getting even busier around large donation periods such a Christmas! Although Redbridge Foodbank have a van, often they need an extra vehicle to move around all the donations and get them to where they need to be


'The Zipcar vans enable us to move large amounts of stock in less time than we would have in our smaller van.'

What does Redbridge Foodbank mean to the community?

Redbridge Foodbank Employee

What does Redbridge Foodbank mean to the community?

Redbridge Foodbank plays a vital role in the local community in East London, with a simple box of food making a big difference, helping to prevent crime, housing loss, family breakdown and mental health problems. Distributing around 1.2 to 2 tonnes of stock per week, this foodbank support countless people in their local community with the aim of a future where no one is hungry.


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Feeling inspired? Follow this link to find out how you can get involved at your local foodbank, and make a difference in your local community.

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