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July 6, 2023

Immersive & Unusual Dining Experiences in London

London’s most unusual restaurants are nothing like your everyday eateries. Our beloved Capital features some quirky places to eat, with plenty of immersive and outlandish experiences on offer. Whether you want to enter a fantastical world, or discover something truly unique, London’s themed restaurants have it all. 

Immersive Dining in London

There are some seriously cool places to eat in London, especially those restaurants where fantasy and immersion take priority. Party like there’s no tomorrow with a dining experience straight from the sunny shores of Skopelos. Come aboard the Murder Express and unravel a murder in a banquet unlike any other. Or travel to the city of Gotham with a collection of caped crusader-themed restaurants. Whatever dining experience you’re after, London probably has it.


Murder Express Part Deux

Take a seat on the Murder Express, a unique dining experience that’s great for Agatha Christe or “who done it” crime fans. The first iteration of this detective-infused experience was a big hit, and part two of the Murder Express has us returning to a Sherlock Holmes mindset. This immersive meal is a real treat with a menu created by Master Chef finalist Louisa Ellis and talented actors that give authenticity to the 19th Century train carriage. Don’t get too comfortable though. The culprit is out there, and everyone’s a suspect, including you. The question is, can you solve the crime before the journey’s end?


Opening Times: Tuesday - Sunday, Evening Pre-Bookings Only

Location: Pedley Street, E1 5BW

Price: ££


Faulty Towers

Based on the 70s hit show ‘Fawlty Towers,’ this is one of London’s most unusual restaurants. Owing to the ineptitude of hosts Basil, Sybil, and Manuel and equally, because of the humorous misfortunes that befall this ‘esteemed’ hotel. We want to say nothing goes wrong with the food at Faulty Towers, but that’s not entirely true. With a surprisingly delicious set menu, it’s not the quality you need to be wary of - just watch out for Manuel pouring gravy in your wine glass. Set within a real hotel that’s transformed to feel just like ‘Fawlty Towers,’ the talented Interactive Theatre group delivers a performance that’ll have you in stitches. It’s even more impressive when you’re aware nearly all of it is improvised.


Opening Times: Thursday - Saturday, 1:30pm - 3:30pm & 6:30pm - 9:30pm, Pre-Bookings only

Location: Russell Square, WC1N 1DP

Price: ££


The Candlelight Club

Step into the roaring 20s with this unique London restaurant, a pop-up prohibition-style speakeasy. In The Candlelight Club, secrecy is the name of the game - the venue’s location is kept secret until two days before the booking. Transporting guests back to 1920s America, those with bookings will have to look out for a single candle that indicates the club’s entrance. Inside, a candlelit room adds to the aura of the occasion as guests dine in the background of one of London’s most authentic jazz experiences.


Opening Times: Friday & Saturday, 7pm - 12am. Pre-Bookings only.

Location: Varies

Price: £


Mamma Mia the Party

Are you ready for the time of your life? Head over to Nikos’ family taverna and experience Skopelos’ colourful, Mamma Mia-inspired atmosphere first-hand. Dine rich Greek cuisine as the hall bursts to life with dancing and some of ABBA’s biggest hits. Join in and show the world you’re the dancing queen with the restaurant’s encore disco. Located in the O2 arena, Mamma Mia the Party is a must-try unique dining experience in London.


Opening Times: Pre-Bookings only. Evening performances start at 6:30pm. Daytime performances start at noon. Generally the experience lasts 4 hours.

Location: O2 Arena, SE10 0DX

Price: £££


Park Row

Enter the criminal underbelly of Gotham in Park Row, a collection of Batman-themed restaurants. These interesting London restaurants capture the magic of the DC Universe. For example, Pennyworths is a diner dedicated to the Dark Knight’s trusty butler, serving up classy cocktails and a distinguished menu. Alternatively, brave guests can dine at the Iceberg Lounge, the Penguin’s resident establishment. In Park Row, fans of the Caped Crusader can choose from themed dishes in atmospheres that encapsulate the infamous city of Gotham. 


Opening Times: Tuesday - Friday, 5pm - 1am. Saturday, 12pm -12am. Sunday, 1pm - 9pm.

Location: Brewer Street, W1F 9ZN

Price: £


Taste Film

“Vincent! You ever had a Big Kahuna burger?” The iconic Pulp Fiction scene, featuring the equally famous “Royale with Cheese” remark, leaves mouths watering for a Hawaiian-infused burger. Cinema has long left audiences craving on-screen food they can’t reach out and taste - that is, until now. Taste Film is a unique restaurant in London that incorporates a timed-set menu alongside screenings of your favourite films. Indulge in the world of ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,’ and finally experience lickable wallpaper. Or, celebrate the festive period with the delicious seasonal treats of  ‘Elf’ and ‘It’s a Wonderful Life.’ Taste Film is always crafting new, exciting recipes to accompany the latest screenings. 


Opening Times: Varies depending on screening. Pre-Bookings only.

Location: Venue depends upon screening. Check tickets for more information.

Price: ££


Quirky Restaurants in London  

This list wouldn’t be complete without quirky restaurants that rebel against the rules of traditional dining. From sense-enhancing experiences to movie buff heaven, there’s nothing else quite like these funky restaurants in London.

Le Dans Noir - Dine in Darkness

Frequently ranked as one of the ten most original restaurants in the world, Le Dans Noir has flipped dining on its head. With this unique dining experience in London, you will be enjoying your food in complete darkness. This sensory journey enhances the tastes and flavours in dishes crafted by top chefs. With no visibility, you will have to work out what a dish is from taste alone - don’t worry, they accommodate allergies. As you can’t see, you won’t be able to tell who’s sat next to you too. Who knows, it could be a celebrity.


Opening Times: Tuesday - Friday, 5pm - 12am. Saturday & Sunday, 12am - 12pm. Booking advised.

Location: St. John Street, EC1M 4AN

Price: £


The London Cabaret Club

Set in a historic 1920s building, this distinctly British celebration provides thrilling entertainment that will leave you in awe. With different events from El Dia of the Dead at Halloween to a Christmas Gatsby extravaganza, there’s always something on at The London Cabaret Club, no matter the time of year. Excellent service and food satisfy your every need as you settle down and enjoy a spectacle for the ages. 


Opening Times: Varies depending upon the performance. Pre-Bookings only.

Location: Victoria House, WC1B 4DA

Price: £££



With a name that feels like it came from NASA, it’s not far off to say Bustronome is out of this world. This funky restaurant travels all around London, giving you the perfect opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. Enjoy a luxury meal and visit London’s most famous sights aboard a double-decker bus. There’s no need to worry about traffic either - your cutlery, plate, and food won’t just fly across the room. That’s because Bustronome has the very best suspension, and the cutlery is magnetic - not bad for something that didn’t come from NASA. One of the most interesting restaurants in London, this double-decker bus even has audiobook opportunities between courses to keep you informed about the Capital’s captivating history.


Opening Times: Every Day, 12pm - 2pm & 7pm - 12am. Pre-Bookings only.

Location: Pick up from the Victoria Embankment Gardens, WC2N 6NS.

Price: ££


Unusual Places to Eat in London


We've explored some pretty unusual restaurants in London so far, but amazingly, this only scratches the surface of what’s out there. What about those truly unique dining locations? Starting with a bus, we look at some of the strangest places to dine in the Capital.


Prince Regent

Set sail along Regent’s Canal with an unusual London restaurant that lets you explore the city from a different perspective. The two-hour canal cruise and meal takes place aboard the Prince Regent, a quaint and quirky barge. Travel past famous London spots like Regent’s Park and London Zoo with a five-course menu of exquisite seafood. With delicacies such as oysters and crab, the Prince Regent is one of the most refined and unique dining experiences in London. 


Opening Times: Wednesday - Saturday, 6pm - 9.30pm. Saturday - Sunday, 12pm - 3pm. Pre-Bookings only.

Location: Pick up from the Union Canal, W2 6EP

Price: ££



History enthusiasts looking for an interesting restaurant in London with a story to tell - look no further than Rules, the oldest eatery in London. Founded in 1798 and located near the world-famous Covent Gardens, this restaurant serves traditional British dishes like pies, oysters, and puddings. Frequented by literary figures such as Charles Dickens and Rosamond Lehmann, the heritage restaurant has delivered to the highest standards throughout the years. It’s no surprise then that Rules was a popular “Green Room” - a place of relaxation for actors when they weren’t performing. Charlie Chaplin himself was a big fan of the establishment and its menu. 


Opening Times: Maiden Lane, WC2E 7LB.

Location: Tuesday - Saturday, 12pm - 12am. Sunday, 12pm - 11pm.

Price: £


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