Borrowing library
Borrowing library

Why buy when you can borrow?


We all know how wasteful consumerism can be, but sometimes it's harder than you think to find ways around it - especially when you need to get stuff done! Enter Library of Things... a place to borrow useful things for your home renovations or next adventure, they really do have it all. From 8 Locations across London at their self-service kiosks, you can find a wide array of products to rent and the process couldn't be easier.


There are plenty of creative ways Library of Things borrowers have used their items, read on to get inspired.



Giving the garden a makeover

Before and after garden

Giving the garden a makeover

Rebecca from Dalston used a pressure washer from the Library of things to give her garden a major make over - we love the transformation, and it seems her four-legged friend also agrees...


"I moved in last summer and the garden was a total state. I’m only renting but determined to make the best of it!”

Upcycling a chest of drawers

before and after pic

Upcycling a chest of drawers

Tsui-Lee in Fins bury Park borrowed a hand sander to give her chest of drawers a new lease of life. 


'I’m always trying to find new ways to live a more sustainable life, be that reducing plastic waste, eating less meat or changing cleaning products.

Over the Christmas/new year break I decided that instead of buying a new chest of drawers, I’d upcycle my ones from home. I rented an electric hand sander from Library of Things after a friend recommended them to me (thank god I didn’t do it by hand!)

I’d thoroughly recommend renting tools you may not have instead of buying and never using them again. The whole process was super easy and I had a great time doing it!'

Acts of kindness

Acts of kindness

Acts of kindness

Reverend Abe from Crystal Palace borrowed a hedge trimmer, using it to trim back the hedges of her older neighbours as an act of kindness.

Is your own (or even a neighbours!) garden in need of some TLC? Library of Things will have all the tools to make that a reality. 

From van to mobile home


From van to mobile home

Sam and Laureen from Crystal Palace, bought a van in Scotland and drove it back to London, starting their project to build their tiny house on wheels!


Using various items borrowed from Library of Things they managed to make their mobile home, complete with windows as you can see in this video.

A DIY fireplace

Tile cutting

A DIY fireplace

Luke from Morden borrowed a tile cutter to spruce up his fireplace - we can confirm the outcome was gorgeous!


"Tiles fitted with the help of your tile cutter (Tanya) last weekend. Whole process worked seamlessly - thanks!”

Movie nights


Movie nights

Ruth from Morden borrowed a projector for her daughter's birthday party!


”We borrowed a projector for my daughter’s 7th birthday so that she could watch Croods 2 with her friends. It was really easy to borrow from the Library of Things and to set up and we would definitely hire again. My daughter really enjoyed her cinema party and we have been recommending hiring to our friends because it made for a really easy fun party, once you threw in some popcorn!”

Activity guides

Need a little bit more information or inspiration? Library of Things have put together activity guides with their borrowers, so you can recreate some of their masterpieces!    

DIY rattan sideboard

before & after

DIY rattan sideboard

Ana, an illustrator from Crystal Palace gave an IKEA sideboard a major makeover. Using three tools borrowed from Library of Things and a little creativity, a stunning living room piece was made!


Find a step by step guide from Ana here so you can recreate this piece. 

Whip up some ice cream

Ice cream

Whip up some ice cream

After moving to the UK, Rebecca was missing some ice cream flavours from back home - so she decided to make them herself! Borrowing an ice cream maker from Library of Things meant she could up her ice cream game, without having to make a permanent space in her small kitchen for the machine.

Find Rebecca's ice cream guide here.

Wondering how to get your borrowed items home?

Find the nearest Zipcar to your borrow site and book ahead to make sure you can get your items home - especially the bulky ones!

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