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London's top stargazing spots

Following months of restrictions, Londoners have been able to enjoy stargazing properly for the first time in years due to the reduction of air pollution and vehicle traffic. Reducing air pollution and traffic congestion by removing the need for privately owned vehicles has always been our mission at Zipcar, and it looks like Londoners are keen to help!

We encourage our members to go greener, and to help keep our city's air a little cleaner, which is why we already have 325 electric vehicles in our fleet.



Tom Kerss, Leading UK Astronomer

Tom Kerss

Tom Kerss, Leading UK Astronomer

We asked Tom for his comments on stargazing:

“While 2020’s lockdown life has been an unprecedented challenge, astronomers have noticed one silver lining – clearer, starrier skies. With fewer cars on the road and planes in the sky, our air quality improved, and subsequently so did the clarity of the sky. 

Air pollution erodes the beauty of the night sky, cutting us off from the stars and making faint objects more difficult to see. By cleaning up our air, we can go some way to restoring the sky’s natural splendour. We all stand to benefit from cleaner air.”


Best Stargazing Locations London

If you fancy taking advantage of the clearer skies, why not book one of our e-Golfs and head over to one of these London stargazing hotspots. Happy gazing... 



Primrose Hill

Primrose hill

Primrose Hill

Just north of Regents Park, Primrose Hill is known for its fantastic panoramic views of London. With its elevated view, you can rise above the city skyline and reach for the stars. 

Hackney Marshes

hackney marshes

Hackney Marshes

One of the largest areas of common land in London, Hackney Marshes provides a green retreat for its surrounding boroughs. It’s a popular spot for enjoying the night sky.

Blackheath Common

Blackheath common

Blackheath Common

Close to Greenwich – the historic home of time and space – Blackheath Common offers expansive views of the sky for stargazers in the South East.

Modern Hill Park


Modern Hill Park

The serene Morden Hall Park is an excellent place to spot constellations and even some fainter objects. It’s the perfect spot for those in the South West.

Horsenden Hill

Horsenden Hill

Horsenden Hill

Horsenden Hill is one of the true gems of west London – a beautiful green space with plenty of secluded spots for a romantic night under the stars

The stats back it up

We took a look at our electric vehicle booking data to find out just how much our members already love driving electric! 

Our data suggests that Londoners are keen to keep the sky clean and explore new means of sustainable transportation...



EV bookings increased 42% in the last 12-months
38% increase in miles driven in EVs year on year

James Taylor, General Manager Zipcar UK says:

“Sustainability is at the heart of all we do, which is why our vision is to be fully electric by 2025. The British public is behind the transition to electric vehicles yet not everyone has the chance to own one. It’s important that everyone has access to zero-emission transport as switching to shared EVs is a crucial and affordable step we can take to help protect our environment and keep our air clean and our solar system visible.

“We’ve partnered with astronomer, Tom Kerss, to highlight the importance of keeping our air clean and to showcase the magnificent starry sites that are possible when we have less vehicle pollution.”




Go Electric

With 325 electric vehicles in our fleet, and a vision to be fully electric by 2025, we want all our members to come over to the green side and try one of our e-Golfs. Find out more about our electric fleet.  

Star Gazing Press Release

If you'd like to read more about these locations, and our full press release, just visit our press centre. 

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