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July 20, 2023

The best things to do with a hire car in London

Hiring a car in London opens a whole world of possibilities! With so much amazing countryside, attractions and scenery within driving distance of the capital, renting a car from London for the day or the weekend lets you escape the fast-paced city life and explore beyond the city – without the need for three tubes, a train and a taxi!

Head to the beach


If the sun has got his hat on this weekend, make a beeline for the beach! Want to find a beach somewhere off the beaten track? Check out our guide to lesser-known beaches near London. We’ve done the research; all you need is a Zipcar and your bucket and spade!


Take a stroll in a nature reserve

Feeling the urge to get back to nature? There are plenty of stunning parks and nature reserves within driving distance of London. We’ve compiled the best nature reserves within easy reach of north, south, east and west London, so no matter where you pick up you Zipcar, you’ll be in an idyllic naturalistic spot in no time.


Relax in a picturesque pub garden

Picturesque pub garden

Beer gardens are as much a part of British culture as afternoon tea and the Queen. Our guide to the most stunning beer gardens on rooftops, beside rivers and nestled in the countryside are the perfect place to catch up with friends or family, and within easy reach of London with your car rental. 


Take the plunge and try wild swimming

Ever thought about dipping your toe into the world of wild swimming? Now you can dive right in at any of the tranquil lakes and meandering rivers within driving distance of London. Rent a car early in the morning for a refreshing dip and be back in time for lunch! What a way to start the day. Read our guide to wild swimming near London to choose your swimming spot.


Get lost in the woods

ancient ruins

There’s nothing like a walk in the woods to clear the mind and feed the soul. With plenty of gorgeous woodland within driving distance of London, it’s time to lace up your walking boots and hop in a Zipcar. Our guide to the best forests and woodlands near London will tell you where to go.


Explore ancient historic ruins

If you know London’s history inside out, it’s time to venture further to get your fix. With fascinating ancient sites in every direction, you’re only a short drive away from the medieval castles and Roman ruins in our guide.


Tick off some of the top theme parks and attractions nearby

If the dodgems at your local fairground just won’t cut it, the time has come to take on the world-class theme parks and thrilling attractions close to London. Take your pick from our list of top attractions near London, invite your daredevil friends and hop in a hire car.


Enjoy a romantic weekend break

pub on the canal

Ready to get away from it all for the weekend with that special someone? A Zipcar gives you the freedom to enjoy a romantic weekend your way. If you’re searching for the perfect weekend getaway within driving distance of London, we’ve found the most unique and luxurious holiday rentals in the South East.


Wherever you’re going, get there with Zipcar

For spontaneous trips, choose Zipcar Flex, which lets you pick up and drop off anywhere in the Zipzone. If you’re planning ahead, Zipcar Roundtrip lets you pick up from a designated bay and return it again once you’re done.