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Why Join Zipcar for Business?

Zipcar for Business gives companies like yours access to over 3,000 vehicles near where you live or work, all booked via our app. Business members pay 30% less on weekday journeys and benefit from account management support. As an alternative to traditional business car hire, ownership or fleet rental, Zipcar for Business will save you time, money and take the hassle out of keeping your business moving

reduce costs and save money

Save money

Zipcar business rates are 30% cheaper than standard weekday prices. Everything’s included – Congestion Charge, fuel, insurance, maintenance, and we’re ULEZ compliant - so there’s no hidden costs.

drive zipcar on-demand

Drive on-demand

Search, book and unlock our vehicles all with our free app. Keep track of your team’s journeys and your accounts spending all within our online portal, saving you time as well as money.

Flexibile packages


Using our fleet – instead of having to own your own - means you can scale up and down to suit your business needs. Considering corporate car leasing? Find out about our Exclusive Use deals.

account management

Account management

You’ll have your own dedicated account manager on hand to answer any questions, help you save money and support your team on everything from booking to billing.

Need something more bespoke?

woman delivering flowers in a zipcar van

Need something more bespoke?

If you’re looking for a more long-term solution, such as alternatives to car leasing, van fleet hire, or regular bookings for vehicles, we can help. We have various options available, including Exclusive Use vehicles.

Whether you’re a corporate expanding your footprint, a council looking for a more sustainable way to travel or a property developer wanting cars on your latest project we offer various solutions to fit your organisation’s needs. Get in touch, we can help you travel smarter.

Corporate social responsibility

Car sharing can positively contribute to your sustainability strategy. Each Zipcar takes around 13 personal vehicles off the road and significantly reduces carbon emissions.* Plus, our fleet of 325 electric cars, in partnership with Volkswagen, is helping to reduce carbon emissions even more. Zipcar is a sustainable option for today’s businesses who want to scale up or down as and when they need to.

We know that businesses are under ever increasing pressure to improve their sustainability. From working with our business partners over the last few years we have found out that working with Zipcar for Business helps businesses to cut out unneccesary journeys in the car, gives them access to electric vehicles and allows Zipcar to ensure the last most efficient vehicles are being used when travelling. 



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Take your pick from thousands of our cars and vans across the UK. The green pins are our Roundtrip vehicles and blue are Flex, one-way trip cars - available in London. Prices are consumer rates - business members save up to 30%.

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