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What is Zipcar?

We’re the UK’s biggest car-sharing club. Members get 24/7 access to over 3,000 of our cars and vans close to where they live and work! Once you’ve joined you can search, book and unlock all via our app.

What Are Car Clubs?


Car clubs are short-term car rental services that give members access to cars parked in convenient roadside locations that can be rented by the minute, hour or day. Car clubs offer consumers and businesses access to vehicles so they only pay for the time they need the vehicle as an alternative to owning a vehicle.

Car clubs play a big role in reducing the need for private parking and research from Como UK suggests that each Car Club vehicle helps to remove 21 privately owned cars from London's roads. 



The benefits of car sharing with Zipcar

Who needs their own car in the city when you can get access to wheels when you want them? Join Zipcar and you’ll have all the perks of owning a car, without the hassle and cost of running one! We’re all about making city living simpler, cheaper, greener and, well, a bit more fun.

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Save money

Our members tell us they save around £300 a month compared to owning their own car by using Zipcar. Fuel, insurance, Congestion Charge and 24/7 assistance are all included.

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Locations near you

Over 3,000 cars and vans live in London and Heathrow T5. You’ll spot them in your local area and all around the capital, as well as other cities and airports across the globe. Find Zipcars near you.

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Going green

Each Zipcar takes 21 personally-owned cars off the road, so you’ll know you’re doing your bit for the environment. We’ve also got the largest shared fleet of electric cars in the UK.

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Drive on demand

Sometimes you just need a car. With thousands of cars and vans to choose from, take your pick and drive your way, any time of day or night.

The future is here

Imagine a world with one million fewer cars on the road, and cities with more green space than multi-storey car parks. Imagine no more. We’re making this happen, today.

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Future mode

10% of the population is expected to join our car club and adopt car sharing as their main mode of transportation by 2025.

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Reducing congestion

Every Zipcar takes 21 personally-owned vehicles off the road.

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Lower emissions

By 2025 we predict 821 million fewer miles driven each year - saving 160,000 tonnes of CO2 annually.

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Electric vehicles

We’ve already got 1000 electric vehicles and by 2025 we’re aiming to have a completely electric fleet.

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Go beyond public transport

We’re the perfect addition to buses, trains and bikes. Zipcar helps you load up flat pack furniture, shop ‘til you drop and pile everyone in for an out of town adventure.

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The choice is yours

Zipcars come in all shapes and sizes—city runarounds, electric vehicles, spacious vans, luxury unbranded cars and more. Switch it up whenever you feel like it.

Zipcar vs car ownership

Lose the payments, keep the car.

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Owning a car:
Pricey monthly car payments.
One car, set features, no surprises.
Expensive monthly insurance payments.
Money out of pocket and time out of your day.
Filling it up every week really adds up.
Drive around in circles or pray to the parking gods.
Pay hefty airport parking or transfers.
Car selection
Driving with Zipcar:
Join for free and pay only for the trips you take.
Take your pick from small to large cars or vans… whatever you need!
Our trips are covered with our insurance policy.
Car washes to oil changes, it’s all covered with membership.
Fuel is always on us—fuel cards are in every Zipcar.
Zipcar Roundtrip gives you a designated parking spot.
Save a bundle, even with the airport fee.
  • EVs, VW golfs, vans, luxury vehicles, and more
  • Trips are covered with our insurance policy
  • Maintenance is covered
  • Fuel is always on us
  • Roundtrip gives you a designated parking spot
  • Save a bundle with a Flex

Is fuel included?

It sure is. Just use the fuel card on the side of the dashboard when you need to fill up. Every car should have at least ¼ tank to start with (please bring yours back that way, too.) Our e-Golfs are charged overnight, so they’re good to go whenever you are.

How many miles are included?

60 miles each day – no matter where you drive. Extra miles cost from £0.25 per mile. Learn more. We also cover your Congestion Charge, and all our vehicles are ULEZ compliant – so everything’s taken care of. 

How does Zipcar insurance coverage work?

All Zipcar members in good standing have third party auto liability. Members are responsible for a £750 damage fee (£1,000 for higher risk members) per incident, which can be reduced or eliminated with an optional damage fee waiver. Learn more.